Spanish National Honor Society welcomes new members

2020 Spanish National Honor Society Inductions

Photo by: Lauren Cassano
2020 Midlothian Spanish National Honor Society Induction

On Wednesday, March 4, 2020, the Spanish National Honor Society inductions took place at Midlothian High School in the closed commons. As junior Caroline Bowe passed out pamphlets for the students and parents, Midlothian Spanish teacher, Ms. Travis Jiminez, started the ceremony with an introduction. Following this, senior Amanda Jennings, the society’s president and secretary, and junior Paige Lassiter continued the ceremony for the new inductees, leading the traditional ceremony speech, My Flame by Eugenia Munoz. As the new inductees heard their names called, they rose, one by one, to light their candles, line up next to each other, and recite the traditional ceremony speech. To seal their membership, each new member signed their name in order to receive their certificate of induction. To conclude the ceremony, society members, new and old, gathered for a cake social with parents and faculty.

Spanish National Honor Society Inductees:

Aspen Anders

Zach Baker

Sebastian Bishop

Greylin Caddell

Micaela Candela

Jacob Cantor

Lily DeBruycker

Emily DeWitt

Yennifer Duarte

Julia Fogle

Gabriella Garcia

Armani Hinman

Megan Hurt

Melanie Jensen

Megan Larose

Lindsay Lawrence

Kelly Livingston

Madeline Maloney

Bailey Miller

Alex Nielsen

Meghan Owings

Max Parsons

Lola Quraishi

Avnee Raje

Connor Riley

Layla Shell

Abigail Shepherd

Ava Son

Daniel Son

Anya Varkey

Molly Vazales

DJ Veliadis

Sreeman Venigalla

Mackehzie Yates