Kyte continues his baseball journey

Alex Kyte commits to play baseball at University of Mary Washington


Photo by: University of Mary Washington

Senior Alex Kyte commits to continue his baseball career at University of Mary Washington.

On December 14, 2019, senior Alex Kyte fulfilled a lifelong dream and committed to play Division III baseball at the University of Mary WashingtonInfluenced by his father, Kyte began his baseball journey in eighth grade and soon developed a passion for the sport, advancing as both an outfielder and a pitcher by using his left dominant hand as an asset.

To improve his game, Kyte put hours into practice and joined multiple competitive club teams, including Rise Baseball, Richmond Braves, and American Legion. Upon the start of high school, he joined the Midlothian team, making Varsity his sophomore year. From there, he grew as a leader and used his talents to help push the team through their successful season. His favorite memory from his years on the team include making it to the Class 4 State Tournament in the 2019 season. 

Reflecting on his years of involvement in the sport, Kyte’s most impactful coach was his first club coach, Keith McCabe, who supported him from his beginnings as an athlete until the recruiting process. One weekend at a tournament, a Mary Washington pitching coach spotted Kyte in a game, and the recruiting process took off, as Kyte and the Mary Washington coaches began communication. 

Of his decision to choose Mary Washington, Kyte shares, One of my best friends plays there, and it’s bigger than most of the smaller schools that were looking at me. Overall, I really like school.” Kyte plans to sign in April to make his commitment official. He looks forward to his future as an Eagle, as he balances the excitement of a new college, as well as his career as a student athlete.