Midlo Theatre introduces the Into the Woods cast

Into the Woods Cast


Photo by: Ilse Yohn

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On January 27, 2020, the Midlothian Theatre Department released the Into The Woods cast list. The musical tells the story of a baker and his wife, who attempt to conceive a child, but a witch has cursed their family, making it impossible for them to have a baby. The couple must complete a series of tasks in order to break the curse. Along the journey, they meet characters who attempt to help them overcome various obstacles and lift the curse before it is too late.

Into the Woods Cast

Narrator: Matt Smith

Cinderella: Nikki Rizzo

Jack: John Sheldon

Milky White: Mason Chandler

Baker: Noah Burch

Baker’s Wife: Cece Luther

Cinderella’s Stepmother: Nicole Dudley

Florinda: Lily Gentile

Lucinda: Caroline Grabill

Jack’s Mother: Anna Grillot

Little Red Riding Hood: Anna Ganz

The Witch: Lara Brinkman

Cinderella’s Father: Nick Steele

Cinderella’s Mother: Caitlyn Liu

Mysterious Man: Jake Khatcheressian

Wolf: George Welch

Rapunzel: Brooke Ward

Rapunzel’s Prince: Drew Duren

Granny: Sarah Kemp

Cinderella’s Prince: Patrick Hurt

Steward: Matt Babb

Giant: Anya Ruzicka

Sleeping Beauty: Elizabeth Wilson

Snow White: Morgan Mishke

Solo Dancer/ Dance Captain: Lauren Schmidt

Children: Skylar Caddell and Colin McGill


Ensemble: Nora Carlucci, Rachel Clevinger, Ryan DaGrava, Harper Gordon, Molly Jarvis, Sophie Rose Marusco, Kat Moser, Lindsey Radcliff, and Sydney Wilborn