Strong strategies to maintain New Year’s resolutions

2020 New Years Resolution Guide


Photo by: James Galloway

Eating a well balanced meal will surely help you keep on with your New Years Goals!

With the twenty-first century “Roaring 20’s” upon us, New Year enthusiasts have more motivation than ever to turn their lives around. However, with the decade now a.most two weeks old, enough time has passed for the easily susceptible to become unmotivated and go back to their bad habits. Many people often choose the most challenging goals to reach because of the perceived happiness they think it will give them down the road. Enduring the struggle of the first few days or even weeks is the worst part of all. With firm strategies, most can push past the more difficult checkpoints of their resolutions and maintain focus on a successful and happy life.

The first and most obvious way to keep New Year’s resolution is to put pen to paper. Writing the inner thoughts and feelings associated with a goal is the perfect way for someone to understand why they are committing to it. They wouldn’t spend an entire year dedicated to the cause if it didn’t have personal meaning to them. Keeping a journal to document progress will boost confidence and offer encouragement to complete the task. Illustrating one’s goals clearly on paper will give them the extra motivation they need to stick to their now written word.

Starting a new journey is easier with a buddy or a group, and with goal-setting, this couldn’t be more true. Having friends  nearby while working towards goals will give momentum to crush that goal. Joining a Midlo club or a team aligned with the same interests and goals will provide peer encouragement that can help to reach the goals far into the new year. Expressing resolutions to friends at the beginning of the journey allows brings support to reach the finish line.

The most important way to keep long-term resolutions is to practice perseverance. The odds are against anyone trying to change their habits because of the way the human psyche operates. One’s brain will want to take the easier path and won’t enjoy the sudden change of habits in a new lifestyle, so it is important to adapt to this new way of thinking and not give up when already committing to the time to achieve a goal. When the urge to quit arises, resolve to take one day at a time, rather than focusing on the tough road ahead. Every step to improving your life is an important one.

According to, 80% percent of the population who makes New Year’s resolutions give up within the first ten days, . This repeats the cycle of bad habits that they wanted to change in the first place. Use these tips and advice to fight through the struggles of the New Year to ensure a brighter and more successful 2020.