Spanish students dance to learn

Active Classrooms Week

Photo by: Mrs. JoAna Smith
Midlo Spanish students dance to learn during Active Classrooms Week.

For Active Classrooms Week, Spanish students left their desks for their dancing shoes. Students have already learned to dance to songs this year, including the footwork for La Macarena.  Therefore, dancing for Active Classrooms was something we have already tried in class this year. Each class had the opportunity to select a song to dance to and have some fun by learning some dance steps.  Dancing is a valuable skill and not just for fun, inside or outside the classroom. People who dance will develop collaborative skills, practice focusing and paying attention to detail, as well as improvisational skills.   Learning a dance is beyond choreography; it helps students learn and think in new ways.

Students have the opportunity to have voice and choice in our Spanish classes, and dancing is one way to express oneself creatively.  We all learn differently, and dance gives students the chance to demonstrate learning kinesthetically, or in a tactile way.  This means students demonstrate their learning through physical activities. In the Spanish classroom, students use dance to show they understand directions and parts of the body.  Dance and kinesthetic learning is a fun change to listening to lectures or reading on paper or on the Chromebook.