World Language Olympics encourages friendly competition

World Language Clubs compete

Photo by: Lauren Cassano
Sophomore Heather Spichiger keeps her eye on the ball during crab soccer in the 2019 Language Olympics.

On Thursday, December 5, 2019, the first World Language Olympics, a battle between the World Language clubs of Spanish, French, Latin, and German, took place at Midlothian High School. Members of each language club wore club t-shirts that represented the Olympic ring colors. Each club chose the following designated colors: French (white and grey), Spanish (yellow), German (red), and Latin (blue). Prior to the event, each club created a competitive game related to its language culture and explained the rules of their game to the other language club participants.

French Club created a rushing waiter relay race; Latin Club held a chariot race; Spanish Club presented dodge ball; and German Club hosted crab soccer. After lively competition, Latin Club took home the World Language Olympics trophy after winning two out of the four games, marking the end to an exciting afternoon, highlighting a love of language and a willingness to let loose and have fun.