Midlo recognizes RISE values

2019 RISE Breakfast

Photo by: Lauren Cassano
Cameron Penn enjoys time with his mother at the 2019 RISE breakfast.

On November 22, 2019, sixty Midlothian High School students met in the closed commons for the first RISE breakfast of the school year, recognizing these students for demonstrating RISE qualities during the first nine weeks. During the celebration, Coach Matthew  Hutchings gave a speech complimenting the students on their values. At the conclusion of the ceremony, students and their family members enjoyed a congratulatory breakfast of Chick- Fil- A sandwiches, fruit, and donuts. 

This school year marks the second year since Midlothian High School adopted the RISE program, which stresses the core values of the RISE acronym: Respectful, Impactful, reSponsible, and courtEous. As a special reward each quarter, Midlo teachers nominate exemplary students who exemplify the RISE qualities.

Many of the students nominated provide true leadership in the Midlothian community. RISE influences students to be the best person they can be, inside and out. 

Fall 2019 RISE recipients: 

Al Labod, Jineen 

Allison, Sara 

Bennett, Keon 

Berger, Braden 

Bosch, Louise 

Boyton, Ragin

Brinegar, Matthew C. 

Campbell, Hayden

Cassano, Lauren 

Crayton, Leo 

Davenport, Dillon

Dolan, Carter 

Douglas, Dominique

Durette, Paige 

Dutschke, Alexa 

Godfrey, Nigel

Gregory, Crew

Haemker, Wiliam

Haring, Grace

Harrington, Conor 

Harrinton, Declan

Hawkins, Donovan

Heslink, John

Hopper, Liza 

Horansky, Claire

Huang, Danny

Hurt, Patrick 

Jennings, Marissa 

Jensen, Melanie

Johnson, Shamyra

Jordan, Nathan

Laine, Brandon

Lubniewski, Austin 

Mclntrye, Jackson

Mendoza, Colin

Merroto, Allison

Masfin, Abel

Morales, Nick

Morales, Nicolas 

Notarianni, Matthew

Panebianco, Faith

Penn, Cameron

Perkins, Will

Peterson, Juliana

Ramierez, David

Roman, Tatiana

Huff, Samuel

Sandoval, Jonathan

Schlensker, Logan

Scott, Laura

Sovillo, Eiley 

Sowers, Ashely 

Tanner, Kassidy

Tolan-Mask, Connor 

Tucker, Josh 

Uddin, Ra’Asia 

Vakandi, Abisha

Virgil, Janiya

Wright, Parker