Is it too early to listen to Christmas music?

Thoughts on Christmas music in November


Photo by: Bailey Carter

Junior Ben Covert, freshman Stephen Gaylor, senior Zach Biller, and sophomore Jack Beattie give their opinion on whether or not it is too early to listen to Christmas music.

A hot topic of discussion, especially among high school students around the time of the year when Thanksgiving begins to fade into the winter holiday season, is when is too early to listen to Christmas music. For the past couple of years, radio stations have begun shifting their start times for playing Christmas music earlier and earlier; now, some radio stations play Christmas music the day after Halloween instead of starting on Thanksgiving, which has been the traditional radio practice.

Some Christmas lovers believe that no time of the year is too early to start inspiring Christmas spirit in people across the globe. Many start listening to Christmas music because their love for the Christmas holiday outweighs their love for Thanksgiving. When asked for his opinion on the highly debated Christmas music time topic, freshman Stephen Gaylor states, “It isn’t too early for me because I like Christmas more than Thanksgiving.” Along that train of thought, sophomore Jack Beattie comments, “It’s never too early for Christmas music because of how great it is.”

Other students see the topic differently than Christmas-lovers and believe that Christmas music should not be played before Thanksgiving because it takes away from the value of Christmas. These students love Christmas music just as much, but they do not want its entertainment to grow stale by the time Christmas rolls around. “It is too early to listen to Christmas music because people tend to forget about Thanksgiving when they listen to Christmas music too early,” shares Midlothian senior Zach Biller, who expresses a focus on the importance of sharing thanks during this time of year and believes Christmas music overshadows the meaning of the holiday.  When asked his thoughts on Christmas music before Thanksgiving, junior Ben Covert shares, “It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, which means it definitely isn’t time for Christmas music.”

Whether a fan or a detractor of Christmas music in November, all students can agree that this time provides the opportunity to give thanks and bring family together, whether that occurs through the power of Thanksgiving, Christmas music, or something else altogether.