Teachers reflect on favorite teachers

Teachers choose the teachers they wish they had in high schoold


Photo by: Katherine Krievs

Mrs. Krievs would want Ms. Pfund to teach her in English if she were in high school. (Left to Right: Mrs. Fischer and Ms. Pfund)

Midlothian High School’s teachers dedicate the majority of their lives to fostering the minds of their students, preparing them for life after high school, whether that manifests in college, the workforce, or other possibilities. Teachers play an invaluable role  in society, influencing and enriching countless high school students.

Each teacher brings a different essential element to life at Midlo, working to make the school a home for many students. However, educators not only spread their content knowledge to students, they also share valuable wisdom acquired over sometimes extensive careers that span years in the education field. All of these contributors make teachers extremely important influencers for a variety of different reasons.

When asked which of Midlothian’s teachers they would have liked to have had during their own high school experiences, their responses convey a deep respect and admiration for their colleagues.

If you were a student at Midlothian High School, which one teacher would you wish to have and why?

Mrs. Jennifer Krievs: “Ms. Pfund because she was MY student in AP English Literature and Service Learning.”

Mr. Nicholas Kirkbride: “I would like to take Mr. Sharobim for a math class because math was never my strong suit when I was a high school student. Given the opportunity to learn from a teacher who has fully mastered their craft would be a great benefit to any student; plus, both teachers and students have a tremendous amount of respect for his abilities and kindness. Over my years teaching at Midlothian, I have heard several different students across several different graduating classes refer to him as a “Math God” and who better to learn from than someone with that nickname and clout?”

Mrs. Carolyn Manheim: “If I were a student, I would want to have Mrs. Madeleine Smith as a teacher.  She is very smart and very funny. She is the most authentic person you will ever meet. She has a great sense of humor and a quick wit.  She can make me laugh until I cry. She is a wonderful person with a gentle soul. She also has a lot of spunk. I admire her independence and that she always stays true to herself. Also, I would want to have Mr. Eliot. Mr. Eliot is so hilariously funny, and he doesn’t even realize it.  He is another person who can make me laugh until I cry. He should do stand-up comedy instead of teach because he would make more money!”

Mrs. Yvonne Mullins: “I would want to have Mrs. Dinsmore. Every time I walk by her room, she is teaching with enthusiasm, her students are engaged, and I have never heard a student say one bad thing about her. I would want to be in her room and have her as my teacher. I also feel she makes each and every student feel special.”

Ms. Mary Vesely: “If I was a student, I would like to have taken Mrs. Bennett’s World History class. Mrs. Bennett brings passion and excitement to the subject by making the content relevant and relatable to her students.”

Mrs. Monica Van Arsdale: “Without a second thought, I would love to take a class from Mr. Sharobim.”

Mrs. Renee Fiege: “I think it would be Mr. Abell.  I think he has an interesting perspective about history and clearly has a passion for what he teaches.”

Mr. Kevin Thomas: “That is tough because there are so many great teachers here, but I guess I’d have to say Mrs. Warriner.  I have never had a student who didn’t talk about how great she was. The students seem to really love her and the way she teaches.  I’ve heard kids talk about how tough her class is but how she goes out of her way to make sure everyone comprehends the content. There is not a single Zero MM where her classroom isn’t busting out at the seams with students wanting extra help from her, and she obliges with a smile on her face!”

Mrs. Jackie Tully: “If I could take any class at Midlo, I would choose to have Mr. Fletcher teach me how to play guitar. When I was in high school, I would have LOVED to have learned to play guitar from such a patient, kind teacher.

Mrs. Mary Williams: “I wish I could be a student in Mr. Sharibim’s class!  He has a lovely mix of kindness and patience, while at the same time such a deep level of understanding of mathematics that it is wonderful to learn from him.”

Mrs. Julie Trost:I have always liked teachers who connect with the students, regardless of the subject. I think I would like Mrs. Warriner as a teacher.”

Mr. Chris Eliot: “If I were a student at Midlothian High School, I would want to be in Mrs. Manheim’s class because I would learn how to keep my business great in America. In addition, I would serve as an officer in the DECA club and work to make it the greatest in the state.”

Mr. Badr Sharobim: “Mr. Fletcher, I love music, and I wish I learned how to play the violin.”

Mrs. Travis Jimenez: “I would love to be in Mr. Wilson’s history class because he is an expert in his craft.  I would love to be in Mr. Kirkbride’s class because psychology is something about which I know very little. I would love to be in Ms. Trost’s class because I need all the help that I can get in math, and I know that she is an excellent teacher.  I would love to be in Mr. Parker’s AP Chemistry class because I think I might understand it if he were my teacher. I would love to have Mrs. Tully because I would like to experience what it’s like to be a subject in Tullyland. And Mr. Fout’s AP US class would also be amazing.  If, however, I had to pick only one….I would pick Mr. Cheatham’s Theory of Knowledge class because I love all the connections to learning that I experience vicariously through my IB students who are in his class, and it would be awesome to learn about this topic first-hand.”

Dr. Shawn Abel: “That’s a really tough question as we have so many amazing teachers. I really can’t answer that one as I have the privilege of visiting classes throughout the school year and am constantly impressed by the passion and quality of instruction provided by so many of our teachers.”