Midlothian Tri-M welcomes new members

2019 Tri-M Honor Society Inductions

Photo by: Erin
Andrew Parsons welcomes the new inductees to the ceremony.

On Wednesday November 13, 2019, the Midlothian High School Music Department welcomed the new chapter of the Tri-M Honor Society during its annual induction ceremony. As a musician, acceptance into the honor society serves as one of the highest accomplishments at Midlothian because it recognizes the talent the student possesses and their commitment to the music department for at least three years of high school. Students from band, orchestra, and chorus all retain eligibility for induction into Tri-M, but the society only accepts the most dedicated music students. 

The ceremony began with a speech from guest speaker Mr. Mark Spewak, Midlothian High IB Coordinator, who spoke about his musical background and highlighted the importance of music in students’ everyday lives. Although he explained his musical experience as limited, he provided some extremely practical performance and life advice for all of the new inductees to carry with them for the rest of their high school careers, and possibly beyond.

Following the introduction speech, the Tri-M officers discussed the meaning of the Tri-M Honor Society and its impact on Midlothian as a whole. The president of the honor society, Andrew Parsons, welcomed all of the new students to the ceremony and opened up the officer speeches. Vice President Bailey Carter explained the responsibility that accompanies induction into this group, such as the annual service project, which involves traveling to nursing homes and performing holiday carols. Historian and Secretary, Jakob Marshall and Brandon Brown, listed some qualities that members of Tri-M must possess to maintain the purpose of the group. After the officer speeches concluded, the new inductees accepted their Tri-M certificates and officially joined the honor society, as they received recognition for their talent. 

2019 Tri-M Inductees:

Alex Ayoub, band

Zachary Baker, band

Brie Baltich, chorus

Hannah Beaucham, orchestra

Taylor Bennett, chorus

Louise Bosch, band

Tayla Bower, band

Lara Brinkman, chorus

Joshua Brown, band

Samuel Buettner, orchestra

Madeleine Burke, band

Chris Conway, chorus

Makayley Crisp, orchestra

Emelia Delaporte, band

Emma Diehl, chorus

Nicole Dudley, chorus

Megan Fellstrom, band

Jacob Fenyes, chorus and band

Siobhan Flood, chorus

Carolyne Francis, chorus

Matt Fulgham, chorus

Victoria Galdamez, band

Michael Glover, chorus

Anna Grilliot, chorus

Emily Gundel, chorus

Aidan Hamilton, chorus

Kayla Hebb, chorus

Emma Hermanson, chorus

Jana Hilger, band

Patrick Hurt, chorus

Molly Jarvis, chorus

Ian Johnson, band

Nikitas Karousos, band

Lena Kim, chorus

Paige Lassiter, orchestra

Jack Lucas, chorus

Madeline Luton, chorus

Bryson Mann, chorus

Isabella McNulty, orchestra

Samantha Orr, orchestra

Kaylee Pantaleo, orchestra

William Papierniak, band

Jonna Perry, band

Audrey Phillips, band

Ryan Price, band

Lindsey Radcliff, chorus

Ian Reams, band

Kylie Redden, chorus

Nicole Rizzo, chorus

Jackson Roberts, band

Marcus Royster, orchestra

Anya Ruzicka, chorus

Rhys Schwan, orchestra

Taylor Sizemore, chorus

Rachel Smith, band

Macayla Smith, chorus

Hyunbin Son, band

Nicholas Steele, chorus

Eva Stewart, band

Savannah Stone, band

Maximilian Triano, band

Jacob Truini, band

Angela Um, chorus

Charlie van den Oord, chorus

Brandon West, orchestra

Sebastian West, orchestra

Zachary Westhaver, band

Sydney Wilborn, chorus

Preston Willett, orchestra

Luke Williamson, band

Jonathan Wunderlich, band