Endless Talent

Chorus and Band Display Their Talent at the Spring Musical Assembly

City Lights dances with amazing talent.

During second period on Friday, May 27th, the students of Midlothian High School witnessed magic performed by the choral and band students. The students walked inside of the auditorium and were immediately greeted with the lovely sounds of Midlo’s own talented students.  The assembly began as Midlo’s own Jazz Band, conducted by Gordon Rawls, played music that flooded the auditorium. Once the band started playing, the auditorium quieted, and the hosts of the show, Andrew Bartee and Sean Dudley, introduced the chorus acts for the assembly, and finally the show had began.

The assembly started with City Lights, which opened the show with fantastic choreography and beautiful singing voices. Their songs included fan favorites, like Steppin’ to the Bad Side, Let’s Be Bad, Fever Medley, and RED. The audience roared with excitement as they heard the harmonies and fantastic melodies. Marvelous solos that stood out from City Lights included performances by: Katie Murphy, Andrea Taylor, Anna Luther, and Megan O’ Brien.  Midlo Choral Director Mrs. Michelle Graham could not possibly be any prouder of her talented students. Then, the Rhythm Ensemble took the stage, bringing the audience to a whole new level with their amazing beats and rhythms.  Midlo’s all male a capella group, Rhythmic Drive, which spotlighted John El-Jor’s amazing song Alive, followed. Each member of the group harmonized beautifully, and the audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

Up next, Midlo’s own all girl a capella group, Pitch Perfect, with leadership by Casey Berry and Anna Luther, wowed the crowd. This all-female group continued to impress with their fantastic talent and harmonic voices, singing You’ll Be In My Heart. The final group that took the stage was, Just For Show. Their eye-catching white attire mainly caught the audience’s attention, and the performance did not disappoint. The group sang fantastic songs, like: Higher, Up the Ladder to the Roof, Flying Home, Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher, and Locked Out of Heaven. These songs were accompanied by solos by Bailey Blair and Andrea Taylor. When the performance was over, the audience filled the auditorium with a roar of applause and feelings of admiration for their peers.