Fun in the Sun

SCA Picnic

Students in line waiting to receive their food

After several days of rain, the clouds parted just in time for the annual end of the year SCA Picnic. On Friday, May 27th, following the Spring Concert, put on by the Midlo’s band and chorus groups, students and teachers filed out to the football field to enjoy lunch in the sun.

Every year, the SCA celebrates the end of AP/SOL testing and the end of the school year by sponsoring this event. SCA president Maddie Dutton with help from the other officers and members greeted students from all grades. The officers served a variety of items, including hot dogs, chips, sodas, cookies, and ice pops. Volleyball, soccer, football, and ultimate frisbee games began as soon as students finished eating.

Many faculty joined in on the fun by playing games with the students. Max Hurley and George Karalus challenged Mr. Delans to a game of cornhole. Principal Abel challenged some students to a game of ultimate frisbee. English teachers Mr. Cheatham and Mr. Spewak entertained the students with their musical abilities with Mr. Cheatham playing the guitar and Mr. Spewak playing the mandolin. After an hour spent out on the field, the students returned to their classes with smiles on their faces.