Delta Epsilon Phi

National German Honor Society Induction

The 2016 National German Honor Society inductees gather after receiving their certificates.

On Wednesday, May 25, 2016, the Midlothian Chapter of the National German Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony recognizing the students who have excelled in German. The ceremony, held in the library at Midlothian High School, began with seniors Melisa Cirkic and Demetrios Maurakis welcoming German students and their families. They then went on to explain the honor society and what its membership entails. Next, Frau Susanne Böer called each new inductee to receive his or her certificate and blow out his or her candle. Following this, Frau Böer instructed the new members to recite a few lines in German in order to make their membership official. She then recognized the seniors by giving them their graduation cords and congratulating them on all of their accomplishments. Afterward, everyone enjoyed cake and refreshments.

Congratulations, 2016 National German Honor Society Inductees!

Gabe Fenyes

Kenneth Harbula

Austin Van Horn

Ellen Tucker

Gabby Runge

Olivia Coleman


Melisa Cirkic

Natalie Durcan

Kolbey Durette

Madison Fournet

Schuyler Hicks

James Leneave

Demetrios Maurakis

Kate Muehlbauer

Gabby Runge

Austin Van Horn