Trojans welcome new staff additions



Photo by: Lauren Cassano

Dr. Moonie and Mr. Lagow enjoy their first week at Midlothian High School.

Midlothian High School warmly welcomes the new faculty and staff to classrooms across the school. As both the staff and students begin to settle into the new year, each member of the Community of Excellence plans to go the extra mile to provide comfort to the new faculty and staff. A total of 19 new staff members entered Midlo this year, eager to make a difference the lives of each and every student who enters the building. Each department gained a new addition for this school year, which bodes well for an exciting and creative school year. Please give a warm welcome to the new member of the Midlo family:

Mr. Steven Lagow – Assistant Principal

Dr. Stefanie Mooney – Associate Principal

Ms. Monica Carson – Office Assistant

Ms. Lillian Ellick – CTE Teacher

Mr. Doug Johnson – CTE Teacher

Mrs. Kaitlyn Stoneburner – CSE Teacher

Ms. Carrie Vincent – School Social Worker

Ms. Dawn Brown – English Teacher

Ms. Lisa Martin – English Teacher

Ms. Susan Williamson – English Teacher

Dr. Todd Starkweather – English Teacher

Mr. Corey Finn – Math Teacher

Ms. Katie Rhodes – Biology Teacher

Mr. Bryan Vannoy – Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Megan Doan – Theatre Teacher

Mr. Holden Dorman  – Theatre Tech Teacher

Ms. Madeline Wyatt – Latin Teacher

Ms. Amira Moncada-Ossorio – Spanish Teacher

Mr. T. Wayne Parrott – Special Education Teacher

Ms. Ariel Putnum – Special Education Instructional Assistant

Ms. Amy Thompson – Special Education Instructional Assistant

Ms. Patty Casey – Instructional Assistant