Seniors Reflect on Favorite High School Memory

Class of 2019 Reflections


Photo by: Sarah Moskovitz

Seniors reflect on their favorite memory from high school.

As the 2018-2019 school year comes to a close, seniors shared their favorite memory from their high school careers.

“I loved having Mr. Steele, I got to be in his class freshman, junior, and senior year. He made every day fun!” – John Kessler

“Not having exams!” – Vonghai Zhandira

“I loved taking pictures at pep rallies! It made me happy when people immediately posed right when I presented the camera to them. It made me especially excited to see my photographs on people’s Instagram.” – Nabiha Rais

“Just being in Mr. Wilson’s class was fun.” – Elizabeth Six

“Mr. Parker’s chemistry class junior year. He made all of the experiments fun and interesting.” – Muhammad Adeel

“My favorite memory was when we won our first pep rally as juniors last year.” – Ethan Bond

“I was able to make so many friends by being in the marching band; it became a family, and everyone had each other’s backs. The competitions and football games were so much fun!” – Alessandra Taliaferro

“My favorite part of high school was the feeling of being able to drive to school for the first time.” – Camdton Furman

“Making states for track is definitely at the top of my list for favorite memories.” – John Jennings

“The football game when we beat Monacan” – Chandler Dodge

“The yearbooks coming in after I’ve worked all year on it!” – Madison McCallum

“Painting my reserved parking spot with my best friend, Jaysa.” – Josue Candeleria

“Going on the Bahama’s cruise over spring break my junior year” – Tray Davis

“My favorite memory in high school was at lunch.  My friends and I were playing around as usual, but this one time was especially funny. I brought yogurt because it’s my favorite go-to snack at school. Messing around with each other to make some laughs turned physical. At the time I was pulling out my yogurt and one of my friends grabbed it,  but I pulled back making the yogurt explode. Needless to say, it went everywhere, making a scene that was unforgettable. Yogurt covering most of my friends at the table made us laugh the hardest we could.”Caleb Giambanco

“My favorite memory was when Mrs. Baugher asked me to be a student director my junior year.” – Samantha Ramirez