Students RISE Up to Demonstrate Achievement

RISE Ceremony

All 95 students who receive nominations for RISE awards celebrate at the ceremony on Friday, May 3, 2019.

In order to acknowledge Midlo students on their ability to exceptionally demonstrate the RISE qualities (Respectful, Impactful, Respectul, Courteous), Midlo held the third celebration of RISE Up. The ceremony took place in the auditorium on Friday, May 3, 2019, during Midlo Morning. Parents and family gathered in the open commons and auditorium, to witness students receive awards on their excellent behavior and accomplishments throughout the year.

Speakers Dr. Robert Gifford and Dr. Denise Bowes presented thoughtful speeches of appreciation for students who work hard to advance their high school career and behave to the best of their ability. Gifford thanked all parents for coming and celebrating students, while explaining that “[RISE award winners] exemplify positive behavior and values through their parents example.” Teachers nominated a total of 95 students for a RISE award, selecting students whom they believe exhibit constant effort and strive for greatness in their class and extracurricular activities.

Mrs. Underwood’s students graciously distributed programs at the entrance and served celebratory breakfast items after the ceremony. As the ceremony concluded, Bowes  added, “Many of you have been recognized for the first time, and I hope that you take the spirit of today and remember it for being recognized by continuing to do good things and possibly be nominated again next year.”

Congratulations to all of the following students for doing their best every day in school and showing their teachers and staff that they rise above school expectations. Congratulations to: 

Ababneh, Sarah

Aird, Dylan

Montz, Alana

Allums, Charlotte

Ashman, Logan

Avens, Tynekal

Berger, Braden

Bittle, Zakariya

Bowe, Caroline

Brown, Riley

Busby, Ethan

Coppage, Courtney

Council, Lauren

Craw, Sheldon

Damico, Rachel

Dingus, Isabel

Dudley, Nicole

Dudley, Paige

Dutton, Chris

Foot, Jadyn

Francis, Carolyne

Funderburk, Ryan

Gagulska, Julia

Galligher, Courtney

Gamba, David

Graviet, Grace

Grilliot, Anna

Hanoka, Joseph

Harris, Shelby

Helm, Ian

Hinman, Armani

Holt, Amenah

Howard, Myles

Howard, Nathan

Huddle, Jefferson

Hudson, Nic

Hurt, Patrick

Jenkins, Alex

Jennings, Ashley

Jens, Hannah

Jensen, Melanie

Junkmann, Erinn

Kennedy, Alexandra

Killion, Sydney

King, Dalton

Kopecko, Noah

Kopidis, Zoe

Kuennen, Kyle

Lee, Braeden

Lewis, Kendall

Lopez, Jimmy

Lubniewski, Austin

Mangano, Emily

Mawaldi, Yazan

McComb, Connor

Medlin, Mallory

Miller, Ben

Miller, Paul

Montz, Alana

Morrison, Luke

Morton, Isaiah

Moskovitz, Sarah

Murphy, Ryan

Muscat, Caiden

Nielsen, Alex

Novey, Bari Brent

Osborne, Griffin

Panebianco, Faith

Partee, Emily

Price, Britney

Proctor, Tyler

Ramirez, Samantha

Reynolds, Terence

Knaupp, Robert Sebastian

Ruzicka, Anya

Schepker, Annabel

Schoenfelder, Connor

Seiden, Jacob

Shell, Taylor

Sherrod, Mackenzie

Smith-Heppert, Alissa

Steele, Nicholas

Thomas, Daysia

Tobias, Trinity

Triano, Max

Venable, Madelyn

Weeks, Karsten

Williams, Jack

Wladar, Ava

Wladar, Tess

Woody, Mackenzie

Workman, Jedidiah

York, Hope

Zhandira, Jennifer

Zhang, Sherinne