Bienvenue Spring SHF Inductees

French Honor Society Inducts New Students


Photo by: Sherinne Zhang

The French Honor Society lights the ceremonial candles during the spring induction.

On Tuesday, April 30, 2019, the Société Honoraire de français, French Honor Society, held the Spring induction for newly accepted members in the Midlo library at 6 o’clock, which was open to friends and family of the inductees as well. The ceremony commenced with Assistant Principal Dr. Robert Gifford speaking about his experience with the French classes. When he came to Midlo, one of his assignments was the World Language Department. He shared that at first, he was not completely comfortable with the subject area, but participating in the French Exchange put him at ease, providing an unforgettable opportunity that opened him to the language. Afterwards, the society officers, Czar Gentius-Harris and Julia Gagulska, thanked everyone for coming and shared the itinerary for the ceremony.

Senior Annie Elliot shared a brief history of the organization. The American Association of Teachers of French created the society in 1949 to encourage the spread of the romance language. Midlothian High School adopted the honor society in 1973. Seniors Zoe Claudel and Maclane Self explained that members must take leadership and interest in French activities, study in level 3 or higher, maintain an A average in French and a B or higher in other classes. Rylee Gregory and Nadia Yendrick then presented the tri-colored graduation cords to the senior members. “I was excited to get my first cord,” said Noelle Baptiste.

Finally, La Course du Flambeau, or the traditional ceremony began. Senior Chloe Naughton called the new inductees to the front to take a candle and stand in line, and senior Marisa Ruotolo commenced the lighting of the candles by lighting the first candle in line and repeating the motto, “Un homme qui sait deux langue un vaut deux,” which translates to, “A man who knows two languages is worth two.” This process repeated until everyone’s candle was lit and every inductee repeated the motto at least once. Sophomore inductee Emily Gundel said, “It was cool to join my first honor society, especially as a sophomore.” Following the ceremony, Madame Mazzola and Madame Foster brought the ceremony to a close, inviting everyone to enjoy cake and refreshments.

Congratulations to the following new members:

Olivia Canderelli

Olivia Cottrell

Makayley Crisp

Joe Gordon

Seth Grossman

Emily Gundel

Ellie Herndon

Sam Huff

Kat Moser

Emma Precopio

Alison Vonderharr