Seniors Seek Exploration Close to Home

Seniors Sarah Moskovitz and Caitlin Woods Visit Virginia Beach Over Spring Break

Photo by: Sarah Moskovitz
Caitlin Woods and Sarah Moskovitz watch the sunrise from their hotel balcony during spring break 2019.

During the first week of April, Midlo students celebrated the opportunity to relax and take pleasure in the warm weather before returning to the last nine weeks of school. Seniors Caitlin Woods and Sarah Moskovitz took the week to venture off to Virginia Beach for their final high school Spring Break. Between the beach, the souvenir shops, the boardwalk, and other activities available to visitors, Woods and Moskovitz had plenty of endeavors to partake in before the week came to a close. When the two Midlo students returned from their luxurious vacations, they shared their stories with the Midlo Scoop.

The duo’s vacation began on Sunday, March 31st, when they departed from Midlothian out towards the coast. Upon arrival, Woods and Moskovitz adjusted to the hotel and then spent some time at the local VA Beach arcade, Flipper McCoy’s. Following fun arcade games and photo booths, they ventured over to the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (VMCA). “I enjoyed it a lot. The room we first entered was full of various colors and conveyed positive vibes, ” Woods recalled. The VMCA promotes and displays the work of modern artists. “I found it interesting how many local artists had featured work in the museum,” Moskovitz noted. “There were exhibits highlighting artists from both Virginia Beach and Richmond.” They happily took the opportunity to leisurely stroll through the various exhibits provided.

The pair spent several afternoons during the week venturing onto the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. One feature of the boardwalk includes the VA Beach Ferris Wheel. Moskovitz conquered her fear of heights during this attraction. “The Ferris Wheel ride was a bit frightening at first, but eventually, I was able to enjoy the view of the ocean. It was beautiful and peaceful.”

On the few days of the week that Woods and Moskovitz woke up to cold and stormy weather, they invested their time at the hotel indulging in delicious snacks while watching Netflix movies and shows. They ordered food through Door Dash and spent the day relaxing with no worries. One day of relaxation included testing the waters of the hotel’s indoor pool. In contrast with eventful days full of traveling and exploring town, Woods mentioned, “I enjoyed having no tasks to complete. Rainy days were relaxing and a reminder of how great it was to have our own freedom.”

One of the most notable experiences for the two was spending the day at Hunt Club Farm, a petting zoo located in Virginia Beach. At Hunt Club Farm, the two spent the day feeding zebras, goats, donkeys, cows, and pigs. They also held chickens, birds, and rabbits. “My favorite exhibit at the petting zoo were the birds,” Woods remarked. “They landed on us and ate bird food directly from our hands.”

As the end of Spring Break approached, Moskovitz and Woods decided to take on the role of tourists as they visited local souvenir shops. Here, the two bought gifts for friends and family members back home. Additionally, they purchased other mementos to remember their extraordinary vacation. The two also took advantage of beach time. They shuffled through the sand on the shoreline and let the waves crash upon their feet. Woods commented on this occasion, sharing, “We searched for shells and admired the natural beauty of the east coast.”

At the end of the week, the girls waved goodbye to the sunny skies and rolling waves of Virginia Beach, to return to the last couple months of school. Moskovitz recalls her favorite part of vacation: “I really enjoyed the freedom we had, and the break we had where we didn’t have to deal with the stress of school.” Upon reflecting on the vacation, Woods said, “One of my favorite memories was climbing to the roof of the hotel and taking pictures of the dazzling view. I also thought it was interesting how much independence we had while away from home. We had to take an Uber to each attraction, which was kind of scary. Overall, I enjoyed it.”

Moskovitz remembered other moments, such as painting different interpretations of the sunset. “We went to a local supermarket to purchase acrylic paint and canvases. Then, we brought them back to the hotel and watched the sunset from our balcony and recreated the view.” Spring Break vacation gave the two a sneak peak for the fun adventures to come, as summer vacation approaches.