Bryant Travels to Costa Rica

Spring Break Trip: Ainsley Bryant in Costa Rica


Photo by: Ainsley Bryant

Ainsley Bryant, accompanied by her parents and siblings, prepare to go ziplining in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The hardworking and dedicated students at Midlothian High School had time to unwind and relax over their week-long break. Some lucky students, such as sophomore Ainsley Bryant, had the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations. From March 30th to April 7th, Bryant traveled to South America with her family.

She began her Spring Break journey in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and for six days, the activities in this sunny province seemed endless. After a lengthy flight from Richmond, Virginia, to Liberia, Costa Rica, the family settled into an AirBnB room and prepared for their upcoming week of fun. The next morning, the family went zip-lining in the Rain Forest. Bryant shares, “It was a cool experience to see the environment while on the zip-line.” During the week, she also had the opportunity to unwind in a mud bath. While in Guanacaste, she experienced a hot spring for the first time; she reflects, “The hot spring was really cool; it felt like a hot tub. There were also sloths in the trees around it.”

After her time in Guanacaste, Bryant took a two and a half hour car ride to Arenal, Costa Rica. The sandy beaches and pools allowed for lots of relaxation, so Bryant spent her last few days by the poolside soaking up the sunshine. While on vacation, Bryant realized that skills that she has learned at school came in handy; Bryant is currently enrolled in Honors Spanish 4 at Midlo, so while on vacation, she used the skills she learned in the classroom to communicate with the locals. The week ended too soon, but Bryant and her family made the most of their once-in-a-lifetime experience.