SNHS Welcomes New Inductees

2019 Spring Science National Honors Society Induction

Photo by: Marisa Routolo
Devon McGill and Alison Vonderharr celebrate their induction into the Science National Honor Society.

On Thursday, March, 21, 2019, the Midlothian High School Science National Honor Society welcomed new inductees into the Society in a ceremony with a reception following.  At the beginning of the ceremony, President James Davis and Vice President Devyn Vernier addressed the inductees and their families about the qualities necessary to join the honor society. Then, Secretary Logan Georgel led the new inductees in the SNHS Pledge. Each inductee received a certificate and a glow stick, to represent the the light of curiosity, from sponsors, Ms. Dipali Patel and Ms. Heather Booher. Following the ceremony, students and family members enjoyed a reception to celebrate their students’ achievements.

Congratulations to the 2019 Science National Honors Society Inductees:

Annika Anderson

Sarah Aud

Lara Ballout

William Blankenship

Jay Burdette

Jacob Cantor

Nora Carlucci

Rachel Damico

Victory Edamwen

Rachel Edwards

Alexi Gentz

Jack Goddard

Rebecca Gonzalez

Navilia Gottipati

Abigail Graves

Rylee Gregory

Zander Hesch

Margaret Hopper

Olivia Ibanez

Amanda Jennings

Hannah Jens

Erin Junkmann

Faith Kim

Zoe Kopidis

Alex Kyte

Alexia Labott

Timothy Lam

Kendall Lewis

Vic Lin

Abbey Lynch

Jakob Marshall

Devon McGill

Ellery McElhinney

Lauren Misson

Stephen Mabry

Emily Morrison

Alex Murias

Khanh Nguyen

Anushka Pandya

Ashley Peterson

Elizabeth Potts

Avnee Raje

Lauren Reinfeld

Katelyn Sawyer

Annabel Schepker

Morgan Sensabaugh

Madeline Sheldon

Kiara Smith

Caroline Spichiger

Devyn Vernier

Alison Vonderharr

Nicole Weddington

Preston Willett

Ben Wrobel