FBLA Brings Home 33 First Place Wins at FBLA Regionals

FBLA Regionals 2019



Midlothian High School’s FBLA chapter took home the gold in the annual FBLA regional level competitions. FBLA focuses on building leaders to lead the future business world. Students entered in forty-two different business competitions and came home winning 1st or 2nd in thirty-eight of those events. Thirty-three of those competitions boasted Midlo first place winners. Most of the students took an objective test and had fifty minutes to answer one hundred questions based on the subject material. Midlo’s FBLA chapter also received the Largest Chapter Award with an astounding 265 members. Qualifying students will compete in the state competition over Spring Break in Reston, Virginia.

First Place Winners

Jessica Sullivan, Accounting I
Nick Flynn & Ryan Funderburk, Banking & Financial Systems
Devon McGill, Alyssa Marchese, & Kelsey Seiler, Broadcast Journalism
Carrie Spichiger, Business Calculations
Gurleen Jaswel, Business Law
Bryson Miller, Client Services
Christopher Carillo, Cyber Security
Tad Kozusko, Economics
William Galleher & Emma Weber, Business Issues
Chris Dutton, Ian Gray, & Thomas Gray, Global Business
Makayley Crisp, Help Desk
Matt Tuch, Smith McGuire, Ross Williams – Hospitality Management
Alec Townsend – Impromptu Speaking
Joey Chung – Insurance and Risk Management
Katie Kinskie – Introduction to Business
Christina Mulroy – Introduction to Business Communication
Nadine Abuneel – Introduction to Business Procedures
Hunter Keso – Introduction to Business Presentation
Lena Caffall – Introduction to FBLA
Hunter Stanek – Introduction to Financial Math
Olivia Nealon – Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
James Davis – Job Interview
Jakob Marshall, Ben Wrobel, Adrian Cox – Management Decision Making
Tyler Hawthorne – Organizational Leadership
Connor McComb – Personal Finance
Delaney Novak – Political Science
Sarah Nugent & Ally Marmo – Public Service Announcement
Da-Lan Pham, Mariah Rodriquez & David Maddirala – Publication Design
John Williams – Securities & Investments
Regan Hatcher, Briley Blackman, & Lauren Siegel – Social Media Campaign
Carter Lovasz, Ethan Smith, Matthew Hunter – Sports & Entertainment Mgmt.
Zach Greer, Justin Geiszler & Jake Cohen – Website Design
Haifa Al-Ashari – Word Processing

Second Place Winners

Drew Blankenship – Accounting I
Matt Kotait, Henry Davis, Mason Schlensker – Banking & Financial Systems
Justin Boim – Business Communications
Ben McCormack – Business Ethics
Vic Lin – Economics
Joe Hester, Sujeet Alwin, & Terry Lee – Entrepreneurship
Baylea Botello, Jacoby Martin, & Rachel Deel – Hospitality Management
Armani Hinman – Introduction to Business
Shelby Harris – Introduction to Business Communication
Amenah Holt – Introduction to Business Procedures
Alex Nielsen – Introduction to FBLA
Tyler Proctor – Introduction to Financial Math
Kha-ai Pham – Introduction to Information Technology
Anna Chen – Journalism
Evan Heine, JP Jarrett, Liam Wasson – Marketing
Dylan Fox – Organizational Leadership
Jackson Walworth – Sales Presentation
William Blankenship – Securities & Investments
Carter Averette, Carson Fuller, & Sammy Varela – Sports & Entertainment Mgmt.

Third Place Winners

Will Pomeroy – Business Law
Jacoby Martin, Kaylee Botset, Rachel Deel – Marketing
Ashleigh Lynch – Personal Finance

Fourth Place Winners

John D. Williams – Advertising
Alex Cavanaugh – Business Calculations
Isabel Waldbauer – Business Communications
Claire Horansky, Maddie Lloyd, Abigail Graves – Entrepreneurship