Midlo Art Community Demonstrates Art Appreciation

Celebrating Youth Art Month 2019

Photo by: Carrie Rowley
The Midlothian Art Department celebrates Youth Art Month throughout March.

During the month of March, the Midlothian Art Department intends to spread awareness of the importance of teaching art to the public youth. One of these efforts involved delivering “Art Facts” on the morning announcements every day during Youth Art Month. The department also hosted an Art Facts Workshop on March 6th, after school in Room 321.

For this event, the Art Department invited students appreciative of the fine arts to decorate the interesting facts gathered from the daily morning announcements. These facts cover many genres of arts, including: sculpture, ceramics, painting, photography, film-making, and more. Once the volunteers completed their works of art, they then hung the facts around the school. The Midlothian Art Department faculty created the art facts to teach the history of ancient art, as well as the procedures of modern art throughout Youth Art Month. They also hope to inspire students to produce their own creations.

Midlothian art students also updated the displays near the front office to exhibit new fine artwork to Midlo students and staff. These pieces demonstrate strong visual excellence and artistic merit, while providing great examples for students who desire to create, but are unsure of where to start. For information about how to get involved in the art community or innovative and artistic events taking place in Midlothian, contact Mrs. Kristen Joswick.