Celebrate Youth Art Month With the Midlothian Art Department

Youth Art Month 2019

Youth Art Month raises awareness for the value of art to each community.

Photo by: arteducators.org

Youth Art Month raises awareness for the value of art to each community.

Every year, public schools around the nation celebrate Youth Art Month in March to encourage young students to indulge in their creativity and inspire them to create masterpieces. Some organizations also administer Youth Art Month as a way to raise awareness for the value of the arts, as well as to raise money to better art schools, art exhibits, and art facilities.

The Midlothian Art Department intends to spread awareness by reciting “Art Facts” on the morning announcements every day in Youth Art Month. The department also plans to host an Art Facts workshop on March 6th, at 3 pm in Room 321. The Art Department invites students to decorate the interesting facts from the daily morning announcements and hang them around the school. These “Art Facts” are designed to teach the history of art throughout Youth Art Month and inspire students to produce their own art.

In addition to this celebration, the National Art Honor Society will host their Annual Ice Cream Social on March 20th at 3 pm in Room 322. The honor society organizes this social event every year to provide members with the opportunity to celebrate art and artists. All National Art Honors Society Members are encouraged to attend.

For more information about getting involved in the art community or artistic events taking place, contact Mrs. Kristen Joswick.