Midlothian Rewards Honesty

Principal Shawn Abel enjoys the company of Andrew Bartee and his father at the Core Values breakfast.

On Friday, April 29, 2016, during Midlo Morning, Midlothian High hosted its Core Values assembly. Teachers nominated students based upon the core value of honesty. The breakfast featured remarks by representatives of the new Midlothian Wegman store, Lori Shatters and Alicia Fisher, who emphasized the importance of honesty, both in the workplace and in life. After the presentation, Mr. Abel invited the students and their parents to enjoy a breakfast, catered by Chick-fil-a and Sugar Shack Donuts, while taking the time to savor their accomplishment.


Besmah Al-Ashari

Sarah Arthur

Brent Baltich

Andrew Bartee

Claire Bobowski

Mac Cartier

Kaleb Champion

Jacoby Chapman

Amanda Chok

Carter  Copeland

Natalie Durcan

Rachel Edwards

Justin Elliot

Brooke Gore

Gabriel Green

Catrina Haden

Olivia Harriman

Chase Hebert

Eric Hogge

Bradley Jenkins

Ester Kang

John Maiorana

Coleen Maloney

Eryn Marsh

Andrew Martin

Ashley Martin

Daniel McLaughlin

Luke McLaughlin

Raquel Millacci

Micah Mitten

Zach Nolan

Kayla Oberfeld

Julia O’Connell

Elli Perkins

Ashley Petersen

Stuart Dillon Powell

Clay Robb

Orlando Rodriques

Ruth Rossi

Kimberly Russell

Subhan Saleem

Samia Saleem

Maria Scarpa

Mason Schlensker

Logan Shapiro

Akash  Sharma

Ashley Smith

Michael South

Ellen Jane Tucker

Billie VanStory

Reed Wolfgang