Grab a Good Book and Read!

Enjoy Summer Reading

Reading is a simple and enjoyable way for students to boost their brainpower, so Chesterfield County Public Schools encourages high school students to read during summer vacation.

What students read is less important than how much they read, research shows. A study by Barbara Heyns found that “children who read at least six books during the summer maintained or improved their reading skills, while kids who didn’t read saw their skills slip by as much as an entire grade level.” Summer reading is more about practicing the enjoyable habit of reading than it is about challenging students academically.

Many organizations compile lists of teen books. To make it easy for high school students and their parents to self-select books for summer reading, links to many organizations are provided here.

Chesterfield County Public Schools does not endorse any specific titles on these lists. Not all parents will consider all of the books on these sites to be appropriate, so parents are encouraged to visit the sites for reviews to determine which books are appropriate for their children or visit a county library to speak with a librarian. SOURCE: CCPS

Midlo Summer Reading Details

  1. All students should join the Midlo Reads Google Classroom (code: nc09wou)
  2. Student information for summer reading lists and ideas can be found on the Summer Reading 2016 Libguides Page (scan the QR code on the first slide)
  3. Encourage students to take advantage of our library checkout dates
    1. July 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25
    2. 9:00am – 1:00pm
    3. 5 book limit
  4. There are TWO ways to earn prize entries
    1. Upload a selfie to the Google Classroom (1 selfie per student = 1 entry max)
    2. Submit a well-written book review to the Google Classroom (1 entry for EACH review submitted)
  5. All entries must be submitted between June 18, 2016-September 5, 2016.
  6. CCPS Summer Reading Information

Midlothian High School Summer Reading Ideas

1. Any fiction book

2. A book of poetry

3. A dystopian novel

4. Any nonfiction book

5. A romance

6. A book to movie

7. A science fiction book

8. An eBook (don’t forget MackinVia on your dashboard)

9. A biography

10. A contemporary book

11. An audio book (2 free downloads / week @

12. any science or technology book

13. A historical novel

14. A book by an Author you have Not Read

15. A book borrowed from a friend

16. A classic

17. An award-winning book

18. A mystery

19. A horror story

20. A fantasy

21. A book from YALSA (

22. An adventure

23. A contemporary fiction

24. A graphic novel/manga

25. A ghost story

26. A book recommended by an adult

27. A collection of short stories

28. Any book of your choice

29. A book & a bag selection

30. A book of poems or written in prose