Students Fight Bad Habits in 2019

Strive to Make Positive Changes


Midlo students work hard to break their bad habits in 2019.

Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone has bad habits, and as  we begin 2019, now is a great time to tackle them.  Midlo students shared how they plan turn turn their bad habits into positive ones.

Olivia West, 9th– “When I get hungry, the first food that comes to my mind is junk food. I always want to eat chips or cookies. Just something sweet.”  

Solution:  Try to add one healthy food item at a time to less healthy options. Eventually, you will develop better eating habits.

Declan Harrington, 9th“After school, I never do my homework. I [would] rather just play video games and chill with friends, not do homework.”

Solution:  Try to have a specific time set to do my homework early, so you can have time to do things you want to do later.

Grant Cunningham, 9th“Before a test or quiz, my teachers always tell me I need to study for it the next day, but I never do. I [would] rather just sleep.”

Solution: Set a timer for 10 minutes to study, then take a small break and do 10 minutes again. Repeat until homework is complete. 

Abbey Smith, 10th “I drink way too much coffee. I have 2 cups in the morning, 1 after school, and 1 later at night.”

Solution: Try to cut down one your coffee consumption by one cup per day. Eventually, try to drink no more than 2 cups per day.

Olivia Lineweaver, 10th– “During classes, I always fidget. I tap my fingers on the desk or my lap. For the most part, I fidget because I’m anxious for a test or quiz.”

Solution: Try a using a fidget cube or a stress ball.

Jon Smiley, 10th“During class, before and after lunch, I [always] eat something.”

Solution: Make sure to eat a solid breakfast each day that includes protein. Bring nutritious snacks to eat between classes.

Aidin Gonzalez, 11th “Instead of doing homework, I like to freestyle and listen to loud music.”

Solution: Try listening to instrumental music while you do your homework.  

Daniel Larios, 11th “I am always [dis]organized. I [lose] things in my room or in my book bag.”

Solution: Come up with a system that works for you, and stick with it.  Organized your backpack every night, so you can just grab it and go each morning. 

Alex Osmond, 12th“Rather than drinking water, I turn to sodas or energy drinks.”

Solution: Compromise. Start by replacing one soda with water per day. Try to increase that over time. 

Jack Luther, 12th “I always procrastinate. I wait [until] the night things are due before I do them, and I stay up late doing it.”

Solution:  Use a planning calendar and schedule a specific time for schoolwork each day. It also helps to get schoolwork out of the way directly after school, leaving time to do other activities.