Joyous Christmas Traditions

Midlo Students Share HolidayTraditions

Freshmen Will Haemker, Gage Smith, and Olivia West look forward to their holiday plans during the upcoming break.

As Christmas Day and Hanukkah loom near, Midlothian High School students don their Santa hats and prepare for the joyous holiday. During this time of year, students look forward to enjoying their favorite holiday traditions. Each student, along with families and friends, practice a different tradition unique to their holiday celebration. From placing ornaments on a hand-picked Christmas tree and adding a big star on top, to hiding the Christmas pickle ornament for the kids to look for on Christmas morning, numerous traditions exist in the Midlothian community.

“My dad always puts on The Christmas Story, and we watch it as a family.” –Gage Smith, grade 9

“I go to my aunt’s house on Christmas, and we play the white elephant game on Christmas Eve.” –Will Haemker, grade 9

“My family and I always throw a huge Christmas party that my family and friends come to.” –Olivia West, grade 9

 “Every Christmas morning, my family gets a really weird fruit, then we cut it up, and we try a new fruit.” –Sarah Nugent, grade 10

“I go to my grandmother’s house, and we help set up Christmas decorations and watch old Christmas movies.”- Miranda Wray, grade 10

“My family always opens one present the night before Christmas, and this makes us really excited.” –Simone Freeman, grade 10

“Christmas day, my family and I all sit around the fire and watch National Lampoon’s  Christmas [Vacation].” –Morgan Myrick, grade 11

“My family and I cut down our own Christmas tree and decorate it the same day.” –Natalie Benke, grade 11

“On my mom’s birthday, we decorate our Christmas tree, and we give our mom gifts.” –McKenna Fecht, grade 11

“I go to Wisconsin to celebrate Christmas with my entire family.” –Jack Steele, grade 12

“We get Chinese take-out on Christmas Eve instead of having a big meal.” –Grace Beattie, grade 12

“We always invite family and friends over on Christmas Eve, and we have a huge bonfire with hot chocolate and s’mores.” –Bobby Arnold, grade 12