What’s Your Favorite Christmas Song?

Winter Holiday 2018

Photo by: Marisa Ruotolo
Cayla Rainey loves listening to “Carol of the Bells” during the Christmas season, while Madison Rosata and Alyssa Marchese like “Little Drummer Boy”.

As Christmas rounds the corner, people break out the holiday tunes once again. This holiday season, Midlo Scoop created a festive playlist to enjoy, compiled by Midlo students.

 Here Comes Santa Claus (Ava Hammond and Grace Eiden, grade 9)

Santa Is Coming To Town (Isabella Hazel, grade 9)

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer (Stephen Reddington, grade 9)

First Noel  (Jaden Tai, grade 9)

All I Want For Christmas  (David Drummond and Tinker Wyatt, grade 9)

Santa Tell Me (Simone Freeman and Carolyn Yepez, grade 10)

White Winter Hymnal (Jonna Perry, grade 10)

Baby It’s Cold Outside (Hunter Stannock and Caleb Tiron, grade 10)

White Christmas (Andrew Parsons, grade 11)

Jingle Bell Rock (Patrick Francis, grade 11)

Carol of the Bells  (Cayla Rainey, grade 11)

Sleigh Ride (Alyssa Hayes and Peyton Geizler, grade 11)

Little Drummer Boy (Madison Rosato, Alyssa Marchese, and Mallie Schneider, grade 11)

Let It Snow (John Jennings, grade 12)

Mistletoe (April Ky, grade 12)

Holly Jolly Christmas  (Cody Cantrell, grade 12)

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas (James Davis, grade 12)

Feliz Navidad (Chris Carlson, grade 12)

Carol of the Bells  (Morgan Sensabaugh, grade 12)