Seniors Address Freshman Midterm Worries

Guide to Exam Preparation


Senior Frankie Falchi encourages freshman Bryce Hardiman on his midterm exams

As exam week approaches, high school students, especially freshmen, begin to feel the stress as they begin to prepare for midterm exams. Exam preparation can take many forms, such as: joining study groups, rewriting notes, and making time to review notes and seek last minute help.  The best advice is to get a full night’s rest the night before and exam and to eat a healthy breakfast on exam day.  Pack filling snacks, such as granola bars, in case you need a pick-me-up. Midlo Scoop asked freshmen about their main concerns regarding midterms, and Midlo seniors offered solutions.

Concern: “I’m most nervous for my French midterm because it’s not my strong suit.” – Lauren Schmidt (9)

Solution:   “Study at least thirty minutes on pronunciation and verbs. Verbs are very important.” – Jack Steele (12)


Concern: “I’m most nervous about failing and ruining my GPA.” –  Margaret Hester (9)

Solution:  “You should stay after school and get tutored by a teacher, along with doing study groups.” – Zowie Geng (12)


Concern: “I’m nervous [about] doing bad and it affecting my grade.” – Gage Smith (9)

Solution: “Try to study a week before and focus on what units you are unsure about.” – A.J. Schwabe (12)


Concern: “I’m scared of forgetting what I studied.” – Abby Busick (9)

Solution:  “Just look at your notes and highlight main parts of the unit to study with friends.” – Emily Mangano (12)


Concern: “I’m mostly worried about studying up to that point because I have so many things to do in class.” – Blair Honrado (9)

Solution: “Go over all of the material, find your weak areas, and study that. Always go with your first answer; don’t be indecisive.” – Besmah Al-Ashari (12)


Concern: “I am nervous about failing my most important exams and all the studying that comes with it to the point [of getting] my subjects confused.” – Kylie Roussell (9)

Solution: “Don’t overthink it; review the overall material, and talk to your teacher so you know exactly what’s on it.” – Caleb Giambanco (12)


Concern: “I am worried about it being too much work having to take two exams in one day.” – Tynker Wyatt (9)

Solution: “Try and bring material for your next exam to your first one, so you can study it after you finish your first exam. ” –Colleen Maloney (12)


Concern: “I’m most worried about the amount of exams I have to take in all my classes.” – Bryce Hardiman (9)

Solution: “Study past quizzes and tests, get a good night’s sleep before, and treat it like an SOL.” – Frankie Falchi (12)


Concern: ” My worries for midterms go to my math exam because I struggle in math. ” – Hayden Strausburg (9)

Solution: “Try your best, and don’t stress too hard about it to the point where you barely get any sleep.” –  Aiden Clevinger (12)


Concern: ” I am the most worried about the amount of questions on the exam.” – Anna Kulas (9)   

 Solution: “Just don’t stress or worry; study [and] make a quizlet.” – London Anderson (12)