Thankful for Family Tradition

Thanksgiving Family Traditions


Photo by: Emily Vanlandingham

Cara Hahn, Noah Burch, and Emily Truong count down the days for their Thanksgiving traditions to start.

Rather than students and their families simply sitting around a table full of delicious foods or enjoying a football game on TV for Thanksgiving, many students carry out long-running traditions in honor of Thanksgiving Day. Some students participate in interesting and unique traditions to make this day special and show thanks to their loved ones and friends. Thanksgiving is a holiday usually spent giving thanks and showing appreciation for all the special people in one’ s life, and the students cheerfully shared traditions that makes this holiday a little extra special to them.

“I have a Friendsgiving.  I invite my friends over to my house and have a fest with them.’ -Eliza Adamik, 9

“Every year after dinner, my family gets together in the living room and plays Sorry, Monopoly, and other board games.” -Grant Cunningham, 9

“My whole family goes out to play tag, including my grandparents.” –Emily Truong, 10

“My family and I always eat Buffalo Wild Wings for our Thanksgiving dinner.” -Liam Dingus, 10

“My family, grandparents, and uncle all go down to the beach, and we have Thanksgiving at the beach.” – Jacob Vanlandingham, 10

“My sister and I always make our family’s Thanksgiving dinner.”-Angela Um, 10

“My family all head out and get our Christmas tree before all the good ones are gone.” -Aidan Wild, 11

“When we wake up, my siblings and I all head downstairs, and before we eat, we have to give our dogs treats after they chase us around for it.” -Noah Burch, 11

“My siblings and I go out and have a huge water balloon fight outside our house” -Tyler White, 11

“We invite my extended family over to our dinner. We always use our family recipes. Before we eat, we always say a prayer, but each year, we make a new one.”-Cara Hahn, 11

“We go up north to our grandparents, and we have our Thanksgiving dinner after we play football.” -Mike Vena, 12

“Every year, we go to North Carolina to have Thanksgiving with my dad’s side of the family.” -Anna Chen, 12

“My whole family comes to my house for Thanksgiving. My mom cooks really good pumpkin pie.” -Sophie King, 12