Midlo Students Work Hard Outside Of School

Midlo Students Discuss After School Jobs

Photo by: John Kessler
Senior John Kessler repairs cars at Jaguar.

Midlothian High School carries a reputation for students who excel academically and maintain involvement in a variety of extracurricular activities. In addition to sports, school, community service, and clubs, many students also work hard at after school jobs.  When asked about favorite workplace memories, Midlo students responded:

Marisa Ruotolo, Jiang’s Chinese Restaurant: “One time, my family came into the restaurant where I work to harass me. When they finished their food, they gave me their leftovers, and my coworkers laughed at me, but it was all fun and games.”

Sydney Clevinger, Outback Steakhouse: “I like being a hostess because it’s an easy job, and the food there is good. The cooks and I always joke around whenever I pass by them in the kitchen.”

Zowie Geng, Lin’s Asian Bistro: “I enjoy hanging out with my coworkers and also the good food we serve, I get for free. That’s a perk I like.”

Anna Chen, Yen Ching Restaurant:  “I have so many memories from working there. A lot of my coworkers are somewhat close in age, but I was particularly close to Rian.  I remember him asking me to stay overtime one night with him at the restaurant because he was scared of being alone while doing the closing paperwork. All the lights were off except our office light, and it was just us. When he finished, he went to check all the doors, but he was taking a long time. I decided to leave without him, and I remember Rian running out of the kitchen, screaming, “Ooooh, where are you going?! We leave together!”

John Kessler, Jaguar Vehicles: “I like being able to leave school after first period on odd days and go straight to work and still get class credit for it. Also, I did Auto Tech, so my job is something I actually enjoy.”

Tray Davis, Target: “I like working at Target because the pay is $12 an hour, and it’s an easy job, but it is difficult to get hired since so many people apply.”

Lauren Lingle, Tazza Kitchen: “My favorite memory was when I was tipped $20 from a man for doing a good job.”

Dylan Kitt, Food Lion:  “I enjoy being able to interact and help people while being in the supportive community of my co-workers. Also, it is great because two of my friends work there with me.”

Avnee Raje, Chesterfield Heights Retirement Home:  “I love working at Chesterfield Heights! It’s such a great experience, and I love interacting with the senior citizens. They are all so kind and always have great wisdom to share. I usually work the dinner shift, so I get to see them towards the end of the day. My favorite memory is when one woman pulled me aside to tell me how much she appreciates me. A lot of the time, I feel like I just go there to get my work done, and no one really pays attention, but it was nice to feel noticed and appreciated!”

Ava Maxwell, Panera Bread:  “My favorite memory from Panera is when every season changes, all of the employees get together and try all of the new food items.”

Madison Ahart, Wegmans: “My favorite memory at Wegmans is when I got my first customer compliment saying I’m hard working and extremely easy to talk to. They left a note saying they needed more cashiers like me.

Josue Candelaria, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse:I thoroughly enjoy working at Ruth’s Chris because it’s such an easy job with such a high pay. The management team is super understanding of student schedules and works around your schedule. Also, my coworkers and I always have fun messing around in our down time.”

Jack Steele, Stonehenge Clubhouse: “My favorite memory is when my coworker [and I] had some free time, so we took the golf cart and just drove it around the golf course.”