Midlo Health & PE Welcomes New Teachers

Ms. Kara Lenhart and Mr. John Pruitt Join the Midlo Family

Photo by: Sarah Moskovitz
Midlo welcomes new physical education teacher, Ms. Lenhart.

Along with all of the new students this year, Midlo has welcomed many new staff members to our Midlo family.  Ms. Kara Lenhart came to Midlo High from Midlothian Middle after working there for the past few years, and coming from Farmville, Mr. John Pruitt joins the Midlo staff this year, marking his eighth year teaching. Midlo Scoop caught up with the pair to learn more about them.

Ms. Lenhart, why did you switch from middle to high school?

“I originally wanted to teach high school, so when I heard there was going to be an opening, I decided to apply. I have also been coaching here the past 3 years.”

When did you start teaching?

“I started in 2015, right after graduating from Longwood.”

Who influenced you to be a teacher?

“My mom, she was an English teacher.”

What made you choose to be a gym teacher?

I always played sports growing up and enjoyed being active. I knew I wanted to do something that still allowed me to be active and help others find ways they can enjoy being active as well.”

What was your first impression of Midlo?

“Everyone was very nice and helpful.”

How do you like it here so far?

“I’ve really enjoyed it so far!”


Welcome to Midlo, Mr. Pruitt. Who influenced you to become a teacher?

My middle school PE teacher, who was also my Varsity Baseball coach and Youth Leader at church.”

What made you choose to become a gym teacher?

I love sports and coaching basketball, so being a PE teacher was a perfect fit for me.”

What was your first impression of Midlo?

There is a strong feeling of community and support throughout the school, which is fantastic.”

How do you like it here so far?

I am liking it here so far. The transition from my other school up until this point has been very smooth.”