Spotlight on: The Daily Kitchen & Bar

Restaurant Review

Photo by: Anna Chen
Enjoy homemade strawberry sorbet of the day, made with real strawberries, topped with fresh picked berries.

In the midst of the busy traffic of both Carytown and Short Pump, The Daily Kitchen & Bar restaurant surprises everyone with its healthy, organic, and delicious taste. The Daily Kitchen & Bar promises all-natural ingredients in its wide selection of diverse menu selections, even offering vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo options.

The restaurant presents a variety of special options for each patron. From organic tofu, crab sticks, and crab cakes, certified Angus hanger steaks, to curried lentils. The restaurant caters to all kinds of tastes, preparing each dish with fresh ingredients, a unique presentation design, and a ton of care. The meals are enjoyable, and the organic and natural ingredients shine within the dishes. The menu selections are slightly altered between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Daily Kitchen & Bar is a nice place to relax, kick back, and meet with friends over a light snack or a fulfilling meal. The Carytown location offers a small dine-in patio area and opens up large sliding windows inside, allowing all patrons to enjoy the outdoor environment. The atmosphere of the restaurant promotes healthy eating choices with dark wooden seats and tables and green cushioned booths. Plants grow around the modern-looking restaurant to show off the colorful enthusiastic side of Carytown.

With a whopping 4.5 stars, the Daily Kitchen & Bar always seems to satisfy its customers. The restaurant deserves 5 stars for trying to promote a fresh, healthy lifestyle.