An Hour of Sun

SCA Picnic- May 25, 2018

Photo by: Erin Junkmann
Midlo students gather onto the football field for the annual SCA picnic.

On Friday, May 25, 2018, students and teachers filed out of the school onto the football field to celebrate the annual SCA Picnic. On their way to the field, they lined up to grab lunch, courtesy of the SCA, that included hot dogs, chips, cream pies, and lemonade. As a sea of teens rushed onto the track, some grabbed drinks and popsicles to cool down during the sunny outdoor experience. From there, students dispersed across the bleachers and field to converse with friends and play games.

Some simply spent their time sitting down and relaxing under the sun; others played carefree games of tennis, soccer, volleyball, and football. Music reverberated through the stadium, creating an atmosphere of fun and freedom. During the second lunch period, Mr. Abel asked the crowd trivia questions over the speakers. The hour of basking under the warm sun was a welcome break from stressful exams and SOLs. “It was a nice break from the stress,” junior Amanda Chok said, as she blew bubbles into the wind. “With all the exams and homework lately, I haven’t really had the time to go outside or relax.”

While others ran across the field, some students like junior Sam Clemens simply sat back and enjoyed the outdoors. “It was super hot, but still fun,” he agreed. “My friends and I just sat in the shade and hung out,” a wise move due to the baking sun. At the end of the hour, students walked back into the school, well-fed and energized.