Senior Day Celebrates Class of 2018

Class of 2018 Awards & Scholarship Celebration

Photo by: Zoe Kopidis
Midlothian Senior Leadership Awards: Brooke Bailey, BJ Beckwith, Will Brown, Nikolas Churchill, Elijah Dorman, Spencer Dorman, Jade Durant, Truitt Elliott, Hunter Forsythe, Morgan Gilbert, Kenny Harbula, Chase Hebert, Omar Jackson, Casey Joyce, Christina Ju, Joy Li, Nia Lloyd, Vincent Mangano, Lindsey Merillat, Heidi Peterson, Elise Pritchard, Matthew Rice, Margaret Weinhold, Liza Wimbish, and Kimmy Wrobel

On Thursday, May 31, 2018, members of the Class of 2018 gathered to celebrate each other’s success. Class President Kenny Harbula welcomed the seniors and their family members, followed by Principal Shawn Abel, who recounted the many individual accomplishments of the senior class. As the morning progressed, members of the senior class filed across the stage to receive a long list of accolades from each of the departments, as well as academic letters.

Class officers Joy Li  and Chase Hebert delivered a moving trip down memory lane with the Class History, followed by an enthusiastic Line In performance of She’s Moving On, executed seamlessly by seniors Daniel Moore, Isaac Smith, Noah St. Peter, Anthony Montz, and Mercedes Petit. The string of awards continued, including attendance, leadership, and outside awards. Class officers Finlay Raphael and Palmer Ward gave a silly presentation of Senior Superlatives that segued into a beautiful performance of Astonishing, expertly delivered by Jon El-Jor, accompanied by Daniel Doh, Jinwoo Kim, and Jacob Giancaterino. Dignitaries handed out an impressive array of scholarships to deserving seniors, followed by the senior video and closing remarks.

As the program closed, Class of 2018 President Kenny Harbula passed the gavel to 2019 President Sujeet Alwin, followed by the recessional performed by the talented Midlo Orchestra.

Congratulations, Class of 2018!

IB Awards

  • Outstanding IB Students: Jason Li and Niko Churchill

English Department Awards

  • Write Now! Contest Prose Non-fiction School and County Level 1st Place Recipient: John El-Jor
  • Senior English Teacher Individual Awards: Mrs. Austin: Morgan Gilbert; Ms. Crerie: Mohamed Kaid; Mrs. Palenski: Madison Jarvis; Mrs. Tully: Joy Li; and Mr. Wilson: Sai Poluri 
  • Outstanding Journalism Students: BJ Beckwith and Merrill Livingston
  • Herff-Jones Editorial Leadership Award: Margaret Weinhold
  • Outstanding Yearbook Students: Kylie Call and Hallie Strickland
  • 2018 National Scholastic Press Association Honor Roll: Kylie Call, Mackenzie Jenkins, Jenna Kyte, Katie Patrick, Hallie Strickland, and Margaret Weinhold
  • Most Outstanding Overall English Student: Margaret Weinhold

Social Studies Department Awards

  • AP Government Student of the Year: Brooke Bailey
  • Senior Social Studies Awards: Mr. Abell: Evelyn Reece; Mr. Johnson: Morgan Gilbert and Joitree Alam; Ms. Persico: Bradley Wilkerson; Mr. Jenkins: Arthur Buchanon and Ella Morefield; Mrs. Aiello: Joshua Laird
  • C-SPAN Recognition: StudentCam is C-SPAN’s annual national video documentary competition that encourages students to think critically about issues that affect our communities and our nation. Students created a 5-7 minute documentary based on this year’s competition theme, “The Constitution & You: Choose a provision of the U.S. Constitution and create a video illustrating why it’s important to you.” Midlothian had two recognized teams: Elise Pritchard, Evelyn Reece, John El-Jor, Thomas Olivero, and Palmer Ward

Mathematics Department Awards

  • Senior Virginia Math League Award: Jinwoo Kim
  • Computer Science Award: Jeffery Wang
  • Outstanding Mathematics Student: Jinwoo Kim
  • Math Modeling and STEAM Challenge 2018 Participants: Jinwoo Kim, Niko Churchill, and Nick Bampton

Science Department Awards

  • IB Science Award: Kathryn Gatuslao
  • AP Science Award: Joitree Alam

World Language Department Awards

  • Outstanding French Senior Award: Marion Cline
  • Outstanding German Senior Award: Tori-Anna Hamilton
  • Virginia Junior Classical League Convention First Place in Graphic Arts Recipient: Mackenzie Jenkins
  • Outstanding Latin Senior Awards: Margaret Weinhold and Niko Churchill
  • Outstanding Spanish Senior Award: Addie White

Career and Technology Education Department Awards

  • Business Student of the Year: Clay Robb
  • Outstanding Student in Information Technology: Bradley Fellstrom
  • Marketing Student of the Year: Ryan White
  • Outstanding Student in Engineering: Joshua Protacio

Fine Arts Department Awards

  • Outstanding Students in Visual Arts: Mrs. Joswick: Selena Spezio and Ella Morefield; Ms. Vesely: Morgan Gilbert and Hanna Cottrell; Mrs. O’Kleasky: Hallie Strickland and Liza Wimbish; Mrs. Good: Walter Preston and Nick Bampton
  • All-Virginia Chorus: Leah Besser, John El-Jor, and Garrett Redden
  • Most Outstanding Choral Student: John El-Jor
  • Senior Regional Orchestra: Paul Covert and Matthew Tignor
  • All-Virginia Band: Matthew Tignor
  • Outstanding Theatre Students: Chandler Clements and Elizabeth Ferguson

Health and Physical Education Department/Athletic Awards

  • Distinguished HPE Student Awards: Selena Spezio, Bruce Parker, and Omar Jackson
  • Richmond Times Dispatch/Richmond Sports Backers Scholar Athletes: Morgan Gilbert and Will Sayegh
  • United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athletes: Brooke Bailey and Chase Hebert
  • United States Army National Scholar Athlete Awards for Academic and Athletic Excellence: Nia Loyd and Casey Joyce
  • Central Virginia Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association Athletic Leadership Awards: Katie Daniluk, Julia Deever, Justin Penn, and Baylor Cumbea

Additional Awards and Recognitions

  • Senior Class Officers: President Kenny HarbulaVice President Joy LiHistorian Chase HebertTreasurer Finlay Raphael; and Secretary Palmer Ward
  • Four Years Perfect Attendance: Erica Fuentes, Luke Manheim, and Robert Rowley
  • Superintendent’s Student Advisory Group Representative: Jade Durant
  • 2018 Midlo Student of the Year: Brooke Bailey
  • National Merit Scholarship Program Letter of Commendation: Nikolas Churchill, Mackenzie Jenkins, Jinwoo Kim, Finlay Raphael, and Matthew Tignor
  • Outstanding Success Mentor: Melanie Raff and Morgan Gilbert
  • Success Achievement Awards: Caitlin O’Neil and Kyle Webb
  • Semper Fidelis Award: Matthew Tignor and McKenna Dunn
  • United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award: Katie Daniluk and Kyle Daniluik
  • Richard B. Engard Award: Aiden Donohue
  • American Legion Americanism Award: Brooke Bailey
  • U.S. Presidential Scholars Program Semi-finalist: Liza Wimbish
  • Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond Brotherhood/Sisterhood Award: Vincent Mangano
  • Civitan Club Honor Key Award: Haley Young
  • Youth Services Citizen Board Representative: Elise Pritchard
  • U.S. Figure Skating Graduating Gold Senior Award: Emily Smith
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Morton Williams High Achievers Award: Morgan Gilbert
  • Herff Jones Principal Leadership Award: Joy Li
  • Midlothian Senior Leadership Awards: Brooke Bailey, BJ Beckwith, Will Brown, Nikolas Churchill, Elijah Dorman, Spencer Dorman, Jade Durant, Truitt Elliott, Hunter Forsythe, Morgan Gilbert, Kenny Harbula, Chase Hebert, Omar Jackson, Casey Joyce, Christina Ju, Joy Li, Nia Lloyd, Vincent Mangano, Lindsey Merillat, Heidi Peterson, Elise Pritchard, Matthew Rice, Margaret Weinhold, Liza Wimbish, and Kimmy Wrobel

Class of 2018 Scholarships and Recognition

  • Class of 2018 Seniors Committed to Serve Our Country Through One of the Military Branches of Service:  Thank you for your service! Clifton Armstead, Devin Bennett, Madison Davis, Zachary Groome, Penny Anne McAustin, Leonardo Rodriguez, Colin Ryan, and Timothy Soukup
  • Appointment to United States Naval Academy ($300,000): Brooke Bailey
  • Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship ($1,000): BJ Beckwith
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Scholarship ($1.000): Milleena McNeil
  • Women’s Club of Walton Park Scholarship ($500): Miranda Houston
  • Midlothian Rotary Club Scholarship ($1,000): Luke Manheim
  • Network of Enterprising Women Scholarship ($1,000): Morgan Gilbert
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Old Dominion Chapter Scholarship ($200): Brooke Bailey
  • University of Alabama Presidential Scholars Scholarship ($100,000): Chase Hebert
  • Bethany Merit Scholarship: Nicholas Weber
  • Coach Dave Cooper Scholarship ($500): Morgan Gilbert and Omar Jackson
  • Wegman’s “Who We Are” Scholarship: Andrew Webb
  • GRASP Last Dollar Scholarship ($1,000): Joseph Gomes
  • GRASP 2+2 Scholarships ($1,000): Ja’Ron Walker and Avais Gilani
  • GRASP Virginia Tech Scholarship ($1000): Kenny Harbula
  • Roper Memorial Scholarship ($1500): Haley Hopkins
  • Renee Wagner Smoots Memorial Scholarship ($2,000): Omar Jackson
  • Renee Wagner Smoots Best Overall Math Student Scholarship ($500): Jinwoo Kim
  • Midlothian High School Chorus Boosters Scholarships  ($500): Daniel Doh, John El-Jor, and Kimmy Wrobel
  • Trudy Garone Scholarship ($500): Jade Durant
  • Spirit Club Scholarship: Samia Saleem
  • Band Boosters Scholarships ($500): Paul Covert, Matthew Tignor, Kimmy Wrobel, and Sarah Harkness
  • Theatre Partisans Sarah Bruce Memorial Scholarships ($1,000): Ella Morefield and Grayson Hall
  • FBLA Scholarship: Jack Stid
  • Latin Club Senior Scholarship ($1,000): Liza Wimbish
  • Donna Dalton Scholarship in Honor of Blanch McIndoe: Jade Durant
  • Midlothian High School PTSO Scholarships ($500): Chase Hebert and  Katie Daniluk
  • Haley Automotive Homework Helpers Scholarhips ($500): Kimberley Beasley and Walter Preston
  • Virginia A. Justis Chapter of the National Honor Society Scholarships: ($300): Samia Saleem, Sarah Arezo, and Olivia Harriman
  • SCA Leadership Scholarship ($250): Jade Durant
  • Midlothian Athletic Boosters Association Awards ($500): Morgan Gilbert, Julia Deaver, Katie Daniluk, Casey Joyce, Kyle Daniluk, and Mac Whitten.
  • Class of 1995 President’s Scholarship in Honor of Al Park ($500): : Jade Durant and Sarah Arezo (inspired by Mrs. Yvonne Mullins)
  • Midlothian High School Faculty Scholarship: Morgan Gilbert
  • German Honor Society and German Club Scholarship ($200): Hayden Hicks and Tori Anna Hamilton
  • Senior Class of 2018 Scholarships ($2,000 each): Samia Saleem and Dilpreet Jaswal

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