Latin Bridging Education Through The Ages

Midlo Students Tutor at JB Watkins Elementary.

Bella Urcia reads children's stories to her younger students.

Throughout the month of February and the beginning of March, Latin Club taught various subjects to Watkins Elementary first grade students. Developed 15 years ago by Mrs. Sue Robertson, who previously taught Latin for over 30 years, the program sought to teach younger students and promote interactions between younger and older students. Now, Mrs. Amy Petersen, Latin 2-7, and Maria Scarpia, Elementary Teaching Chair, aim to continue this goal.

Arriving on February 2nd, at 3:00 pm, members of Latin Club used fun methods, such as singing nursery rhymes in Latin and playing games like Simon Says to teach lessons on a variety of subjects, including body parts and mythology to elementary students.  Latin Club has always endeavored to promote Latin culture. With this outreach program, they are able to do so with their younger counterparts in one of Midlo’s feeder schools.