The Life Lessons Learned

What Lessons Have You Learned This Year?


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The inspirational quote is from Pharrell Williams.

Over the school year, students have pushed themselves with challenging classes, working hard to better themselves. Sometimes they learn life lessons along the way, some intended and some accidental. With the school year nearly behind us, they took time to reflect. 

What was the most impactful life lesson you learned this year?

Always write things down, so you’ll remember it.Pauline Spencer, Class of 2019

Don’t have attitude with your teachers. – Leah HoffmanClass of 2021

Even though you’re in high school, your words are still worth being spoken.Grace York, Class of 2018

Always be kind.Emily WhitlowClass of 2019

Always do your work right the first time.Henry HagenClass of 2021

Always trust your teacher.Molly JarvisClass of 2021

Don’t procrastinate.Elijah ClineClass of 2021

Through challenges, you need friends.Nora CarlucciClass of 2020

Hard work equals success.Ashton PhilippClass of 2020

Don’t take too much for granted.Kat MoserClass of 2021

If you don’t finish something on time, still do it.Matt SmithClass of 2021

If you can’t do everything by yourself, your friends can always help you.Meredith Puster, Class of 2018

A lot of things are going to change. That’s okay. It’s all going to work out.Madi Jarvis, Class of 2018

Principal Shawn Abel had his own take on the question, taking deep thought into it before advising:Although it takes time, try to learn about every student. Behind every action, there’s a story. Get to know them. It may be hard, but it’s worth it.”