The Impact of Four Years

Seniors look back at their past four years of High School.

Photo by: Carrie Rowley
Alexis Archer is ready to step out into the “real world.”

Looking back on four years of high school gives seniors plenty to reminisce about. With the progression of both the good and the bad experiences of high school, most of the Class of 2018 look forward to graduation. Thinking back on their high school careers, Midlo seniors talk about what has changed them and helped them to develop as individuals.

Throughout high school, the workload has definitely gotten harder and friend groups have changed.”-Molly Graves

“One of the best choices I made in high school was joining the football team, which is awesome. Preparing for college is a new experience.”-Rohit Morabkar

“A big change I experienced in the past four years was figuring out who my friends are and meeting a variety of teachers with different teaching methods that I had to adapt to.” –Alexis Archer

 “Within the past four years, there is too much that has changed to even describe. So much has happened this year, but it’s all good things.” –Itall Canas

 “A change I experienced in high school was getting a job that comes with more responsibilities.” –Chris Haynes

“I learned a lot in high school and feel like I got smarter.” –Kenneth Matthews

“We learned what our priorities are.”  –Caroline Hopper

What you care about, your values, it all changes over the years.” –Evelyn Reece 

Midlo seniors look forward to even greater changes within the next few months: transitioning to college, living away from home, taking a gap year, or even jumping straight into a job. Good luck, Midlo students!