Truth or Dare? Which Do You Choose?

Truth or Dare Movie Review


Photo by: Sarah Moskovitz

Truth or Dare Movie Poster

On April 13, 2018, Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare, took over theaters once again. The movie, directed by Jeff Wadlow, received a rotten tomato score of 15%. The film has grossed about $39.7 million in the United States and $30.8 million in Canada, for a total of $70.5 million total as of now. IMOb critic reviewer comments, “the driven force of this movie is some creative kills.” Midlo freshman Blake Carter comments, “It exceeded my expectations, I was so impressed.”

The movie starts with a group of friends going to Mexico on Spring Break, and one of the friends, Olivia, meets Sam, who tricks all of her friends to go to a haunted missionary off a reserve and asks them to play a game of truth or dare. As soon as they arrive, no one wants to stay because of an eerie feeling. Instead of leaving, Olivia succeeds in begging her friends to stay and check out the house. Unlike many horror movies, this one actually has a back story. Junior Sophie Louis comments, “I liked how we knew some back story on the characters before they got deep into the movie; it made me feel more connected to these characters, rather than other horror movie characters.”

Truth or Dare stars Lucy Hale as Olivia Barron, Lucas Moreno played by Tyler Posey, Markie Cameron performed by Violett Beane, Penelope Amari portrayed Sophie Ali, and Sam Lerner as Ronnie; all comprise the leading characters and main group of friends in the thrilling horror film.

Rated as PG-13, Truth or Dare has received mixed reviews, bringing suspense and heart-wrenching scenes. Each character must decide whether to sacrifice their own life to save their best friend’s or to let them die to survive a little longer. When the group first starts playing, they do not know that if two people in a row pick truth, no matter what, the next person must pick dare. The players have to tell the truth or perform the dare with no in between, if not, they face certain death. In order for the game to end, the person who broke the jar has to chant an old Spanish saying 7 times and then sacrifice something; if they do not, the game will go on forever and ever. Freshman Angela Um says, “It was a killer movie. I went with my sister, and we both left with goose bumps.”