Mr. Spewak Earns TRT Award

Mr. Fletcher Gives Mr. Spewak April TRT


Photo by: BJ Beckiwith

Mr. Mark Spewak received the April Teachers Recognizing Teachers Award from Mr. Taylor Fletcher for his excellence in the classroom.

In April, Midlothian High School orchestra teacher, Mr. Taylor Fletcher, passed the Teachers Recognizing Teachers trophy to the IB Coordinator and English teacher, Mr. Mark Spewak. Congratulations!

How long have you been teaching?
This would be year number 13, all right here at Midlothian.

Why did you choose to become an English teacher?/ What’s the best part about teaching?
Initially, it was because I was a huge dork who loved reading, analyzing, and talking about literature. Though that is all still true now, and I still strive to do my part to spark and stoke some of that enthusiasm for the written word within my class, I am finding more and more that I enjoy finding ways to make Language Arts meaningful for each individual student. Not everyone is going to be an English major, but everyone can see the value of becoming a better communicator, and how essential it is to meaningfully read and interpret the media and content we absorb every day.

When did you become the IB coordinator? Why?
I started my post as IB Program Coordinator in the 2016-2017 school year after having taught in the program for 8 years. As a teacher I have always enjoyed the IB curriculum, and I felt that as coordinator I would have the opportunity to work with this motivated and talented group of students as they take on the challenges and rewards of the program. Year after year, I am amazed by our students and their accomplishments, and it is an honor to serve as their coordinator.

Why did you choose Midlo?
I suppose Midlo chose me. Ultimately, I was aware of Midlothian’s stellar reputation, and as a brand new teacher straight out of college, I got an interview with then principal Mrs. Christine Wilson and [English department chair] Mr. John Hagadorn. When they offered me the job two days later, I accepted it without a second thought, and I could not be more pleased with that decision.

What’s a fun fact about you?
When I am not teaching and coordinating, I am a whitewater raft guide on the James River. I have been guiding for 15 years, and currently serve as a Trip Leader for a local outfitter. I enjoy reading, playing music, and loom knitting.