Science Scholars Receive Recognition

Science National Honors Society 2018

Photo by: Mrs. Dipali Patel
The 2018 SNHS inductees respectfully listen to the speeches.

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, the Science National Honor Society inducted new students in a ceremony with a reception that followed. President Kylie Call and Vice President Alexis Archer addressed the new inductees and their family members about the qualities necessary for induction. Secretary Kathryn Gatuslao then led the new inductees in the SNHS pledge. Afterwards, each new inductee came forward to receive a certificate of membership and a glow stick to represent the light of curiosity. Following the induction, participants mingled and enjoyed a reception, planned by SNHS sponsor, Mrs. Dipali Patel.

Congratulations, Science National Honor Society Inductees:

Carter Averette

Sydney Barefoot

Noelle Baptiste

Grace Beattie

Colin Bischoff

Samantha Boero

Kristen Botset

Tori Bullis

Brianna Cantrall

Halleigh Carson

Julia Charters

Amanda Chok

Taylor Chung

Raven Coe

Dylan Coleman

Syndey Costantino

James Davis

Rachel Deel

Christopher Dutton

Kennley Elliott

Lauren Everhart

Carson Fuller

Julia Gagulska

Zowie Geng

Logan George

Kenley Gregory

Zoe Hammond

Sarah Harkness

Lilly Hayes

Abigail Healy

Kirsten Hebb

Joseph Hester

Bailey Honrado

Jason Hwang

JP Jarratt

Alex Jenkins

Sydney Johnson

Dareen Kang

Dylan Kitt

Hunter Klein

Kyle Kuennen

Abby Lamere

Mayte Lasada

Kasey Lewis

Eryn Marsh

Connor McComb

Olivia Morris

Will Morris

Chloe Naughton

Delaney Novak

Benjamin Owings

Da-Lan Pham

Kathryn Phillips

Will Pomeroy

James Pridgen

Nabiha Rais

Daniella Relvas-Veliadis

Amanda Riddle

Mariah Rodriguez

Michael Rowe

Marisa Ruotolo

Samia Saleem

John Sanza

Christopher Sawyer

Maclane Self

Morgan Sensabaugh

Elizabeth Six

Tristan Smith

Andrew Steenkamer

Jessica Sullivan

Alessandra Taliaferro

Spencer Willett

Megan Wunderlich