Top List of Musicals You Need to Listen to Now!

Musical Review

Photo by: Barne227 on Wikimedia
The Lion King in New York

Musicals give audiences stories with a variety of music. Whether about love or tragedy, musicals touch the souls of all who sigh with their harmonies. The first musical to premiere in New York was the Black Crook, which came out September 12, 1866. Over the years, Broadway’s style transformed to fit the time and continues to capture the attention of entertainment lovers throughout the world. Classics, such as The Sound of Music or Chicago are well known even by non-musical lovers. Today, the internet advertises musicals more than ever, spreading cry-worthy acoustics to anyone who cares to listen. Thousands of musicals exist, but audiences flock to popular, more unique shows. This following list includes recommended musicals. Though not every loved musical can fit on the list, each of these is a must-see.

Oklahoma – Not a fan of musicals? No problem! This uplifting show is an easy-going musical that gives a warm feeling and provides a happy ending, concluding the story of lovers. It takes place in none other than Oklahoma, 1906. The audience follows the relationships between cowboys and farmers get along and wonder who will win the heart sweet farm girl, Laurey. From the well-known song Oh, What a Beautiful Morning to the hilarious, Poor Jud is Daid, this musical’s lyrics are bound to stick with you.

The Lion King – Based on the 1994 Disney film, many of the songs from the movie are added with new blends, new harmonies, and even never before heard songs. This show is capable of drawing the average person into Broadway. The puppetry and imagery are incredible, and the additional lyrics in a different language make the performance all the more fascinating.

Hamilton – Written by genius Lin Manuel Miranda, this show captured the attention of many when Miranda brought rap into the musical genre and took Broadway by storm. Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow inspired the idea of a musical-telling of this American figure. The choreography keeps up with the fast-paced lyrics, while the slower songs rip at your heart in this incredible show.

Phantom of the Opera – Hitting Broadway in 1988, this haunting show was the most financially successful entertainment event until The Lion King in 2014. The show takes place in Paris in 1905, where a story of romance and deception unfolds. Music entwines with the plot as the audience follows Christine on her journey to know the phantom that haunts Opéra Populaire, and who also captures her heart.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – Many uplifting musicals on Broadway end on a feel-good note; however, Sweeney Todd is not one of them. The plot centers on a barber who slits the throats of anyone who sits in his chair, and the creepy lyrics and complicated plot sends chills down anyone who listen to it. This show plunges audiences into a twisted tale, where death is a theme that carries on until the end.

Newsies – From the start of the show, audiences can’t help but love the poor New York boys trying to sell newspapers. As the newsboys go on strike, harmonies and deep crescendos blend into an incredible mix of plot and song. From the agonizing ballad Santa Fe to the upbeat Carrying the Banner, this musical will beckon anyone passing by to listen.

Fiddler on the RoofFiddler on the Roof is a classic. Published in 1964, it tells the tale of a Jewish man named Tevye, and how old traditions he has followed his entire life change around him. Filled with hysterical  moments and heartwarming slow songs, this show takes audiences on an unforgettable ride.

Wicked – The untold story of the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz is sung in this brilliant show. The character development between the witches and their developing friendship, along with the amazing costume designs and catchy tunes will  forever. change the way viewers look at The Wizard of Oz

Les Misérables With a title meaning ‘the miserables,’ this heavy musical will bring anyone to tears. The audience takes the emotional journey with Jean Valjean, as the plot takes place during the French Revolution and follows an unbreakable love. The music wrenches at the soul and can make anyone’s heart grieve in agony.