Gym Thursday Promotes Physical Activity

Wellness Spirit Week: One Hour of Fitness Per Day

Photo by: Joy Li
Mrs. Jackie Tully, Caroline Hopper, and Elise Pritchard participate in the fourth day of Wellness Spirit week.

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, Midlothian students and faculty suited up in their best athletic garb to celebrate Student Wellness Team’s first Wellness Spirit Week. Thursday was dedicated to call attention to the importance of an hour of physical activity per day, whether it be hitting the gym or going to a team practice. Students are challenged to go out and be more active than they normally are in an average day. If the weather is nice, grab a buddy and get your heart rate up in the great outdoors while having some fun.

Happy Wellness Spirit Week!

On Friday, dress in all RED to support American Heart Month and pledge to consume zero added sugars in your diet!