Outstanding Orchestra Students Audition for States

Road to All-State Orchestra


All-Virginia Orchestra of 2017 proudly proclaim their musical talent.

On Saturday February 24, 2018, four amazing orchestra students traveled to James Madison University to try out for All-Virginia Orchestra. Jacob Cantor, Brianna Cantrall, Jason Hwang, and Isabella McNulty carpooled together on their way to represent Midlo.

For the past few weeks, all four students worked hard and practiced, ecstatic to play with peers of their caliber of music in All-States. All-Virginia orchestra consists of the top high school musicians in their region, earned as a result of earning a spot in Senior Regional Orchestra.

The four students from Midlo completed one of the hardest auditions of their lives, consisting of hard music, sight reading, and scales. Jason Hwang placed first out of all the cellos that auditioned, making him eligible for the-All State event. Congratulations to Jacob Cantor, Brianna Cantrall, Jason Hwang, and Isabella McNulty for their hard work and effort in the All-State auditions.