Midlothian Strike Out Cancer

March 1, 2018, from 3:30 to 5:45


Strike Out Cancer commences on March 3rd.

Every year, Midlothian High School forms teams of both staff and students to participate in Strike Out Cancer, a fundraiser that raises money for a cancer prevention non-profit organization called Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2). This year, Midlothian High School is competing against Clover Hill High School, Manchester High School, and James River High School. Each school forms ten 6-10 player teams of students, administrators, and teachers. Each team strives to raise $600.

Sign up your team here. Prizes will be awarded for the best team theme and for the most money raised.

Donate to HCB2 hereClick the donate button. Choose “Midlothian High School” under “Purpose.”