Ms. Katie Goins Named CCPS Outstanding Science Teacher, February 2016


Principal Shawn Abel, Ms. Katie Goins, February 2016 CCPS K-12 Science Teacher, and Mrs. Emily Loving Science Specialist

Mrs. Emily Loving, Instructional Specialist for Science K-12

Ms. Katie Goins

CCPS Outstanding Science Teacher, February 2016

Ms. Katie Goins goes above and beyond to create innovative and authentic lessons for her biology students. She always focuses on the positive with her students and plans unique lessons that will keep them engaged. Ms. Goins is one of those teachers who always puts the students first and works tirelessly to ensure their success. She is extremely patient and kind. As a teacher, she is wonderful with building relationships and creating trusting environments that help students take risks when learning. Regardless of whether she is in her Biology class at Midlo High or coaching students from other schools at an SOL Academy, her students learn to think critically and ask questions. They learn to solve challenging higher level questions because she is excellent at scaffolding questions that help them build on prior knowledge and experiences. Thank you, Ms. Goins, for making a difference with our students; you are deserving of being recognized as an Outstanding Science Teacher!