What is Your Favorite Holiday Memory?

Midlo Shares Their Top Favorite Holiday Memories

Photo by: Anna Chen
Mrs. Heather Murphee reminisces about the times she made homemade Christmas candies with her mother.
 The holiday spirit is upon us, as festive music plays and beautiful decorations delight the senses. Midlo’s students and faculty cannot contain their excitement as they take time to share their top favorite holiday memories and traditions. 

“Opening gifts and eating delicious food on Christmas Day”Sharese Meadows

“Making Christmas cookies”Sophie Louis

“Making Gingerbread houses”Lilly Anderson

“When I got my dog as my present”Angela Um

“Eating noodles on Christmas Day”Emily Truong

Decorating our Christmas tree with Starburst-flavor candy canes, and then eating Chicken Cordon Bleu and stuffed rice for dinner”Caitlin Woods

“Eating French toast for breakfast”Carrie Rowley

“Christmas dinner with my grandma”Kirsten Hebb

“Opening gifts”Dylan Kitt

“Spending time with family”John Um

“Making homemade candy with my mom”Mrs. Heather Murphee

“Lighting Hanukkah candles”Wes Singer

“Waking up to a white Christmas”Bridget Millacci