Learning from Experience

Service Learning Teachers for Tomorrow


Mr. Abel takes time out of his busy schedule to visit Mrs. Tully's Service Learning Teachers for Tomorrow class.

Kate Muehlbauer, Page Editor

On Friday, February 5, Principal Shawn Abel visited Mrs.Tully’s Service Learning Teachers for Tomorrow class to answer questions that the future teachers had for him and discuss issues about the education field from the administrative standpoint before their new placements at either the elementary or middle school level.

The discussion began with Mr.Abel asking how the Service Learning students’ first semester placements had gone and what challenges they may have faced. Many of them raised their hands, sharing some positive experiences and realizations of what it takes to be a great teacher, as well as inquiring ways to handle tough situations with elementary school and middle school students.

Once Mr. Abel had answered all the questions, Mrs. Tully showed the class an article highlighting the top eight issues facing teachers in the education field.  Mr. Abel stayed in the classroom and provided his administrative point of view on these issues, ranging from cyberbullying to salary to large class sizes. In regard to high class sizes, several Service Learning students shared their admiration for their elementary school mentor teachers and acknowledged how much patience they have to take care of so many small children.  From their experiences thus far, the future teachers agree that patience is key to teaching, especially elementary teaching. Mr. Abel shared that he looks for not only aptitude but also a positive attitude in his teachers.

From Principal Abel’s visit, students looking for a career in the education field gained a greater insight on what their job choice holds for them in the future and how to handle difficult circumstances.