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IB Business Management Speakers

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On November, 2,  2017, guest speakers visited Mrs. Carolyn Manheim’s 3 odd IB Business Management classes. Brian Schrimpsher, the father of Midlo senior Tyler Schrimpsher, shared his experiences from creating and running his used car business, VA Cars. The business is known for its great service, awesome deals, and friendly employees. Schrimpsher has locations on Hull Street, Midlothian Turnpike, Hopewell and will open a brand new store on Broad Street in January of 2018. In six short years, Mr. Schrimpsher grew his business from one location selling 400 cars a year to four locations and selling 2,600 cars a year, making this successful businessman a great role model for future businessmen and women to learn from.

Also, Jackson Spencer’s father, Glenn Spencer, spoke with Mrs. Manheim’s 3 even class class about being a lawyer in the Human Resources Department for Altria. IB Business Management just finished a unit on Human Resource, making Spencer the perfect speaker to provide the students with a greater understanding of the topic from someone who has experienced the field first-hand. Mr. Spencer spoke with students about managers implementing an equitable process in recruitment, selection, training, and dismissal of employees. His experience as an attorney for Altria for 15 years equips him with a wealth of experience in the field.