Enlightenment Age Take Over At Midlo

Mrs. Bennett’s World History Enlightenment Project

Photo by: Cammie Bennett
Ethan Smith, Brandon Plascha, Alex Kyte, Ryan South, and Christian Quaglano represent historic figures from the Enlightenment Age.

On November 2, 2017, Mrs. Cammie Bennett’s Honors World History classes dressed up as their chosen historic figure from the Enlightenment Age. Students put on creative costumes, acted out their historic figure, and went around speaking to other characters over light refreshments. The small party transformed their classroom back to the 17th century.

Students excitedly went around the classroom advertising their mysterious figures to one another. “I felt anxious being on the spot, but it was fascinating to learn about other people and socialize in the class,” sophomore Michael Headinger commented. “I got to dress up and pretend that I went back in time to be Voltaire; I even had a French accent,” Zander Hesch laughed. “I was John Locke; it was fun to learn about other people and what they did. We even toasted each other in the beginning when we got our drinks,” Matthew McRaney exclaimed.

After the events of the party settled down, students started to take guesses as to who played whom, based on the characters’ greatest achievements. Mrs. Bennett has her students participate in this quirky project every year to give them the opportunity to understand the historic figures in more detail, while interacting with their classmates. “This year I tried to encourage them to dress up more; it was fun seeing how much harder the kids spent getting to know their characters. Some even tried to develop accents, and one kid even practiced Russian and learned a few phrases,” Mrs. Bennett shared with a laugh.